SEC S6W4: "Letter to a loved one"

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Ghana Tamale,


Dear Mukarama

It's been a while since we saw each other, Sorry for the introduction, How have you been, I know you are not well and your legs must hurt from running in the head all the time. I do know you'd smile after reading this, and I wish could be there to see that smile of yours.

How's the family doing, I do know your siblings are doing good by his grace. I just can't find the right words to express how much you mean to me, you came into my life when I didn't know princesses existed in this world except Disney Land. Life has a lot of ways to make our memories worthwhile, I believe mine is you for you have redefined my thoughts, speech, and my entire being.

Life here is a bit tough without you around, it's been months and it already feels like ages apart from you, I do know there may be a lot on your mind because we don't get to talk like we used to. I do know a lot talk about how if you are not around your loved one they tend to forget about you and find someone else, I believe this is just a way for them to cheat without feeling guilty but as I always have promised you that you are my love and who I wish to spend the rest of my life.

I can't stand to speak to other ladies, hearts gives off a beat even if they're just my friends here, baby, you have caught my heart, and do not need to be worried about other girls around me, I have always held your mind high so everyone knows we're together.

I know what a human can lose and what can't be lost, what can be found and what can't be found, I do know I do not want to lose you t another person, I can't bear that feeling, it would be the breakdown of me.

My heart is firm and my feelings are committed to you, God knows how much I would trade just to get a glimpse of your face. I yearn for your presence and many more, I wish you know that you are the only one I call my love and mine.

I wish you the best of times, as I will transverse the seas to be with you soon.

Love you.


Yours Faithfuly

I wish to invite @mukka @samspidy1 @salifu


This my guy is trying to collect my girlfriend oo 😂😂

No plays this time round 😂😂

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Wow… love is such any amazing thing. I’m happy to read through
Thanks for the invite

 3 months ago 

Woooo que linda carta, espero que de alguna manera esa persona tan especial para ti pueda leerla y sentir lo mismo que estás sintiendo tu en estos momentos.

También espero que muy pronto puedan estar juntos y vivir ese amor tan lindo que déjate demostrado en esta hermosa carta .

Saludos y bendiciones

Preciosa carta llena de amor y una muestra de fidelidad tan bonita:

No soporto hablar con otras damas, los corazones dan un latido incluso si son solo mis amigos aquí, bebé, has atrapado mi corazón y no necesito preocuparme por otras chicas a mi alrededor, siempre he mantuviste tu mente en alto para que todos sepan que estamos juntos.

Nunca cambies estimado amigo! Exitosa entrada.

My words can’t express how much I want to say


Que bonita carta le has escrito a tu princesa.

Si yo fuera ella me sentiria totalmente feliz y confiada del amor que le tienes, cuando el amor es verdadero logra soportar cualquier barrera o distancia, asi que de verdad espero que pronto puedan estar juntos y tengan paciencia para esperar mientras ese dia llega.

Thank you for the wishes

Life really is short to not spend it with the right person

 3 months ago 

¡Saludos amigo!🤗

Cuando hay amor, todas las barreras u obstáculos se vencen y, ustedes lo harán amigo porque, en esta carta puedo notar el amor que se tienen. No me queda la menor duda de que, están bendecidos por este sentimiento tan hermoso.

Un fuerte abrazo💚

Thank you

and a hug to you too

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