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RE: Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Review

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"Truly a mess of a release, even worse than Diablo 3 had."

Not a medal that a game should want... having a worse release than Diablo 3! Almost as bad as the king of promising too much "No man's sky"

ARPGs really need to change things around, only changing history is starting to get boring, I'm looking at these images and it's like I'm watching a copy of PoE, they need some cool new features to the genre. We really need game companies to try new ways of doing things. Hopefully NFTs, VR and AI might bring new stuff.

The score doesn't look very good for Wolcen but I'll give it a try on my laptop...I wonder if I can run Wolcen on linux with wine.


The launch was messy for sure, but they managed to get a pass because they are a brand new dev company and this is their 1st game, when Blizzard messes up the outrage is way worse.