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Hello friends and fellow kids lovers, how are you and how was your day spent, I hope fine. This post is an entry into the steemkids contest hosted by @ngoenyi titled: MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD STORY AND THE LESSONS.

I grew up in a relatively village setting in the eastern part of Nigeria, west Africa. During out time as childrem, we would all come out at moon time to seat with our parents or elderly ones who will tell us diffrent folks tales about what happened in the land of the animals and in the olden days. Moreso, at schools an churches, we were also told stories from the literature we read and from the Bible.

Again, one BCA radio, Umuahia (a very popular radio station owned by the Abia state government) also set aside 30 minutes twice a week about (starting from 8:30pm to 9pm) to tell us (children) stories of what happened in the land of the animals. At those times, we would all gather around the radio set with wrapped attention as De Silas Ihenko (who was the facilitator of the program at that time) delivered the stories with the corresponding moon light dance, jokes and eventually, questions.

Perhaps, for the purposes this contest, I will share the best of all the stories I heard then as a child, I have therefore chosen to share with you the story of David and Goliath as recorded in the Bible. I have chosen this because it helped me appreciate what a mighty Person God is. Please stay with me.



This is a story that happened in the bible, it shows a war situation between two tribes; Isrealites and Philistines. Because they were enemies, they agreed on a huge fight to determine who will Lord over the other.

The Philistines assembled a larger army very well equipped soldier soldiers more than the Isrealites. Amongst these soldiers was a gient called Goliath who was very tall, huge, experienced in warfare and well equipped for battles as the picture below demonstrates.


source David vs Goliath

Goliath, (the giant, who will be fighting on the side of the Philistines) suggested that; there wasn't any need for them to kill themselves, instead, that the Isrealites should nominate one soldier to face him at the battle field, if Goliath wins, Philistines with Lord over the Isrealites and vice versa. Because no one was his match in size and warfare on the side of the Isrealites, the Isrealites were all afraid and failed to accept the challenge for about 40 days.

When David heard of the challenge, he volunteered to fight Goliath. David was a young boy and a shepherd. He went to his King (King Saul) who endorsed and blessed him. The king dressed him in his own armor and equipt him, and blessed him.

But David was not used to these armor as they were very heavy on him. So he decided remove them and went in search of small stones. He sellected 5 stones. These stones were what he used to go against the Giant


source David's Weapon

When Goliath sighted David, he started mocking him, but David told him that he had the Lord on his side and at once, sent one of his stone at the Gient after swinging it around his head with his sling.


source At The Battle Ground

The stone hit the skull of the Gient and he fell on the ground. Moses went closer and slit the throat of the Gient with his knife. The Isrealites were full of disbelief while they cheered the victory of David. When the Philistines saw that the Gient is dead, they were afraid and ran away from the battle field

This was how the Isrealites started lording over the Philistines from been slaves.



  • If you are with the Lord, you are more than a conqueror.
  • The elders blessings are good for the young ones.
  • Dont underestimate anyone.
  • It's not good to be over confident.
  • The best form of defence is attack.



As Children, we were told this story in school and Sunday school, to demonstrate God's might and abilities.

Then, I was about 11 years of age.



I want to cease this opportunity to thank the organizer of this contest; @ngoenyi. this contest have gone a long way taking us back memory lane and remind us of beautiful childhood memories.

I wish to invite @benemma @obieme and @ruggedangel to this contest and community.

 3 months ago 

Goliath was really too full of himself and over confident. Taking little David for minimum makes him lose concentration and was easily defeated.
Thank you for the soft reminder, I actually love this story as well.

 3 months ago 

@adylinah thank you for stopping by.

True! He was too confident and that led to his downfall

Thanks @ uzoma24 for inviting me to participate in this contest...

 3 months ago 

Thanks for reminding us about this biblical story.

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