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Good day Steemians, it's another beautiful time and week to write in this community. It is the second week of Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 3 and I will be dropping my first post here in this community. The topic for today's contest is "Impact of Technology in Kid's lives"

Write an overview of how technology has impacted the world as a whole

Technology can simply be defined as how we apply scientific knowledge for our use. It is embedded in the operation of all equipment and machines with the knowledge of how they function. Technology has changed the whole world at a rapid pace in such a way that it touches all areas of life, all home, school, business sectors, and many more experience the impact of technology.

Furthermore, it brings equity to the world as both the poor and rich have access to education, transport, health, and many more. It brings more smartness and creativity out of us. Technology made life easier for us, it gives us access to so many things and we can connect to the whole world from the comfort of our homes.

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Share with us some of the positivity and negativity of technology in kids' lives

Technology has influenced kids in so many ways and I would be listing below both the positive and negative impacts of technology on kids' lives below:

Positive Impact of Technology in Kid's lives
Increased Knowledge and Understanding: Technology has helped us in such a way that we are being exposed to more knowledge and understanding than before. Before Technology comes whatever you were taught is what you believe whether right or wrong but with the help of technology, kids can browse the internet, gather more knowledge and there is access to information.

Improved Problem Solving: Technology has enabled kids to identify what the problem is and helps in solving such problems. If homework is given and the question seems tough, children having access to the internet can browse online to learn more about the question and the right solution to it.

Equipping School with Tools and Adequate Equipment: Technology has helped in the provision of equipment needed for school while enabling kids to learn more practical as they learn theory.

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Interconnecting the World: Technology has brought the whole world closer to us, kids can connect to every part of the world through the internet, and they make friends with others from different countries, learn about other countries way of line, culture and many others from the comfort of their homes.

Making Life Easier: Technology has made life easier for everyone, especially the kids, they have access to transportation unlike in the olden day when kids trekked many kilometers to school every day, more practical due to availability of equipment, access to travel to explore and learn about other places.

Negative Impact of Technology on Kid's lives
Lack of Sleep: The love for technology has deprived kids of their sleep beauty. To learn more, browse, explore technology, watch their favorite tv show and play games, many kids spend their time on television, phones, and the internet and use less time sleeping.

Decrease in Communication and Affection between kids and their Parents: This is one of the things destroying family nowadays, there is less communication and intimacy between family members. Parents are busy with technology and kids too are busy with their own, with no family time all in the name of providing what the kids want.

I could remember there was a protest in 2018 whereby German children complained of their parents were busy with smartphones and not giving them much attention. Lack of affection, and communication tends to make some kids resolve into cyberbullying thereby taking their frustration out on other kids on the internet.

Depression: Lack of attention and lack of sleep can lead to depression, children mostly love their family time, and not enjoying their parent's affection can cause them to be depressed. Also depriving oneself of good sleep too can cause depression.

Obesity: Report has been shown that technology has deprived most kids of their usual exercise of running and playing around because they were often found sitting in a position with their phones browsing, playing, or watching shows on television and this can lead to obesity.

Lack of focus: Many kids now spent more time on their phone or television watching movies, playing games, or chatting on social media and they were paying less attention to their school activities and assignment.

How would you rate the impact of technology in kids' life? Highly positive or negative? Explain

To rate the impact of technology on kids' life, I would choose that technology impact kids with a highly positive than negative. Technology has helped the kids to be smarter, and more brilliant than before, it helped them so much in their academics. They can learn how to multitask and solve problems without much stress.

Furthermore, it improves their learning skills and intelligence quotient (IQ) scores, also they can express their creativity, stay connected to other children and engage with them. Though Technology has a negative impact, we can not say because it has a negative Impact and forbids kids from using it but I believe technology's negative impact can be cautioned by the parent and guardians.

Can you have control over the exposure of kids to certain technological products? How?

My answer is Yes, Kids can be controlled over their exposure to certain technological products and this is how it can be achieved.

  • Ensuring they only have access to content appropriate to their age using parental guide control.

  • Kids' online accounts must have privacy settings on who can chat or interact with them.

  • Having Technology Free Time: This is very important to all families, setting aside their technology, having in-depth conversations, creating family time to have fun and strengthen bonds.

  • Use Technology how you want Kids to Use it: Many kids emulate what their parents are doing, parents too should normalize the use of technology, time spent on it and what they do on the internet.

  • Setting Rules and Limits: Where there are no rules there is no offense, a parent can dictate when kids can use a technological product, hours to use on the internet when to shut down their screen and sleep. When setting this rule there should be a penalty attached to it and I believe this will help the kids to keep to the rules.

  • Conclusion

    Technology has improved kids' learning and improved their creativity and IQ scores but as much as technology has helped kids a lot, the parent needs to watch, caution and guide their kids on using technology. They should give enough time to their children, knowing what the children are up to and the type of people they are associated with on the internet and lastly rules should be set on when to use the internet, phone and when not to use them. This is where I will be stopping for now. Thank you for reading.

    I invite @ebunoluwani, @yakspeace, and @olabillions to join this contest.

    It's no doubt that technology has really shaped the life of people. Kids now have access to technology these days. It wasn't so in our time. Thanks to developers....

    Though, technology is good, but may have negative impacts on kids if they aren't monitored, taught how to effectively use the technological equipment.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


    Yes, technology is good and has so much kids but kids should be guide against being addicted or misuse of technology. Thank you for sharing on my post.

    Great and nicely out together post
    I more than agree with you on the technology free time aspect
    Let the kids go out and play and make friends physically
    My sister always does that to her children. There are times they don't touch their tablets. They play amongst themselves or with others.

    I love how you have elaborated your points. Best of luck.

    Children needs to go out and play, it is not compulsory to be outside the compound, they can play with one another and they would be able to exercise their body because kids don't stay in one places when playing.

    I love what you sister is doing, apart from the exercise benefits of it, playing among themselves or other help build relationship, as some kids are social on internet than in real life.

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    Thank you so much for the upvote


    Technology plays important role in the life of kids, I believe it has been helpful more positively, with enough monitoring and cautioning, the negative effect of using technology can be controlled, and the act of scheduling time on screen should be set for children
    Thanks for sharing your invitation, I plan to pen this as my second entry to the contest, a comment on.y post will be appreciated.

    Yes, technology has helped the kids so much in learning and being smarter than those that has no opportunity to it. Like you said good monitoring and cautioning can be used to control the con effect of it on them. Thank you for sharing on my post and I hope to see your entry today.

    You are welcome mate,

     2 months ago 

    I enjoyed reading your article, and I most say that you have written so well about this very topic. Technology has indeed change the world by playing an important role in our lives and that of the kitchen kids. I wish you all the best ma. The you for the invite.

    Thank you for reading my post and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed reading it. I hope to see your entry soon.

     2 months ago 

    Definitely I will drop my entry.

    It's a great post, I see most of this cons of technology amongst kids and it's a real burden for the world.

    Thanks for sharing

    The cons were seen in kid that lack proper monitoring and guide, I believe if parent or guardian can give adequate time to their kids, look into what the kids are doing, correct and guide them in the right way, the cons will not have effect on them.

     2 months ago 

    Technology has really been the worry of us parents because it has impacted our children greatly.
    Though it has advantages but we are more worried about the negative impact.
    Thank you for sharing,i have learnt much from your post.

    I'm happy to hear that you learnt some things from my article. I think parent just need to monitor, guide and cautioning their kids when using technology, with that being done the cons of using technology can be control.

    As you point out, technology has helped children to be more intelligent, and to be up to date with innovations.

    But even so, it is important to maintain constant monitoring of the use of technological equipment by our children, preventing them from falling into the risks to which they are exposed, which you have perfectly exposed.

    Successes in the contest.

    You are right, monitoring them will help prevent them from being exposed to what is not the right thing and also being addicted to the screen.

    Frankly speaking I think technology has been a blessing in our life’s. Just like you said with the help of technological devices, kids can solve complex math problems. I wonder what our lives would be like without tech. Thank you for sharing and good luck

    Technology make life so easier for us, solving of problems without cracking brain too hard, transportation and many more. Thanks to the innovative of technology, we so much enjoyed using it.

     2 months ago 

    We can just keep on hoping that we and out children can stay ahead of technology and that technology is not going to overcome us.
    Good post my friend 👏🏻

    Thank you for commenting on my post ma, I also hope we can make use of technology to our advantage and not for technology to overcome us.

    A big applaud @temitopef, you have explained so much and touched key points on the pros and cons of technology on kids. I must agree greatly with the pro of connectivity on a large and extended scale via technological appliances. Steemit itself is not far fetched for a pleasant example.
    For the cons, i'll relate more with lack of sleep😂. I am always up throughout the night, my sleep schedule has massively been distorted.
    I love your entry, good luck with this awesome entry post.

    I am glad to hear that you agreed with pro and cons of technology listed above, as for lack of sleep I would advice you give yourself enough rest at least sleeping for 8hours in 24hours should be maintain.

    I always maintain the 8hours sleeping rule, just the period of day is distorted

     2 months ago 

    Technology is the greatest proof that something highly advantageous can also be if great disadvantage. Over the years we have see children suffering from the negative effects of technology such as lack of sleep, obesity, addiction, and so on.
    Indeed, measures must be taken to control it's effects in them. Thank you for sharing

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