Steemkids community Weekly Contest: How I Care About ......(Week #2: Home) Contest Series. 10 Steem

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Hello dear community members, trust you are all well? Welcome to week 2 of this "how you care about.... Contest Series. The result of the week I will be announced soon.

This time around, we want to you to write about another thing you care about.

The title is How I Care About.... Contest series. Each week, we will mention one of the things we all care about and request that we share how we care about it personally. We will like to learn those ways you take care of those things that matter to you.


Week #2: How Do You Care About Your Home?

We have chosen another thing that we a love to care for and that is our Home. Each day that passes by, we care about our home in different ways. Some are similar and others are peculiar. Kindly tell us how you go about caring for your home.


Contest tips

👉How do you care about your home?

👉When do you do that?

👉What things do you use in caring for it and does it cost you anything?

👉How do you feel when you have cared about your home the way you want?

👉Do you sometimes fail to care about your home? What results when you neglect that responsibility?

👉Benefits of caring for our home

👉Do anyone assist you to care about your home?


Contest Rules

✓ Publish your post in Steemkids community using any language of choice

✓ You must be at least in club5050 to participate.

✓ The minimum length of your post is 300 words

✓ This contest will start on 00:00(UTC) Thursday 02/09/2022, to 23:59(UTC) Wednesday 09/09/2022.

✓ Drop the link of your entry post as a comment on this post. Invite 3 friends to participate

✓ Use the title 👉Steemkids community Weekly Contest: How I Care About ......(Week #2: Home) Contest Series by @yourusername*

✓ Make sure to follow @steemkidss. Vote and resteem this post

✓ Plagiarism of any sort will be detected and you will be disqualified.

✓ Include only original images

✓ Include #steemkidscontest-w2, #steemexclusive and your club status among your first 3 tags.

✓Anyone can take part

✓set at least 10% beneficiary to @steemkidss

Note: Visit other participants entries and engage meaningfully with them. We will check the engagements when determining our final winners. Ensure you also reply to the comments on your own entry

Quality is key: ensure you apply markdown styles especially centered headings and justified alignment.


Contest Prize

We will award 10 steem to 3 outstanding entries in the order presented below 👇👇👇👇.

1st prize --- 5 steem

2nd prize------ 3 steem

3rd prize------ 2 steem


Best regards

@steemkids Community team

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 2 years ago 

wow what a nice contest @steemkids my entry so so soon

Nice one indeed this is a competition to look up to

This is a good contest. We go an extra mile to take care of our homes you know. I will learn as I enjoy this. Well done @steemkids

 2 years ago 

good one @steemkidss, I will make my entry soon.

 2 years ago 

My entry loading now

 2 years ago 

Home is one off (if not the most important) places in one's life and it needs to be token cared of as it has a way of affect our hygiene and personal life. Thus, this is a lovely contest and I look forward to learning from all the entries..

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My entry is on the way

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