Steemit Engagement Challenge S6/W5 - Should gift giving only be for a season in a year?

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Hello dear friends and members of steem kids & parents community, welcome to week 5 season 6 engagement challenge. It's been awesome all these while and we are so excited to host another interesting topic.

We received so many entries in the last contest and we hope to receive even more and continues.


What is this week's topic?

Should gift giving only be for a season in a year?

This topic is timely in view of the season at hand.

Ever since man's existence, gift giving has been part of man. It brings untold happiness to both parties, the giver and the receiver. And the kids especially are so excited when they are given a gift, talk more of parents. But recently, the trend has been something else, it appears it is only kept for a season in a year. By means of this contests tips below, kindly share your view with.

Contest Tips

What is gift giving?

Should it just be for a season in a year? Explain

Name other opportunities that one can exchange gifts

What are proper items that can be exchanged as gifts

What should be the right motive for gift giving

Who is qualified to give gifts?

How should the giver and the receiver feel about the act of giving

Contest Rules

  • Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated
  • Write an article on the subject with at least 300 words and post it in steem kids & parents community.
  • You are eligible to make only one entry per week. And you must be in at least club5050
  • The Title should be - " *Steemit Engagement Challenge S6/W5 - *should gift giving only be for a season in a year? *".
  • Subscribe to steem kids & parents community and follow our official account @steemkidss.
  • Leave reasonable comments on at least three entries from other participants (ensure you interact greatly with other users).
  • Use the tags #steemkidsandparents-s6w5, country (e.g #nigeria), and club status in the first five tags. Invite at least three of your friends by mentioning them at the bottom of your entry.
  • 10 STEEM Power (5, 3, and 2 SP) would be shared between the top 3 winners.
  • Write quality content to stand out and also to be suitable for support. The contest starts at 00:00, on the 19th of December, and ends at 23:59, on the 25th of December 2022.


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Saludos amigos muy buena elección amigos, veremos muchas opiniones al respecto en cada publicación

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Thanks a lot. We are waiting for your entry

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Nice contest,will try hard to postmy entry soon

Nice topic, and i cant wait to drop my entry as soon as possible

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