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Greeting to all the amazing kids and kids lovers in the house, it's another edition of our weekly picture contest. In this post we will be announcing winners for last week picture contest and also unveil the picture contest for this week.

We saw our kids with beautiful attire and we loved them all, thank you for your participation, we love and appreciate all of our kids. Below are the list of all winners.


Reward will be sent to the 20 winners listed above,We appreciate you all and we hope you all will also participate in the new contest this week.


This week, we will like to see the kids in there school uniform..

Contest rules

  • It is a comment contest, therefore we want to see the picture in this post comment section.

  • No internet source picture and no screenshot. We want it to be your own please.

  • Anyone is free to participate but you must subscribe to steemkids community.

  • Be creative, winners will be selected randomly.

  • Follow steemkidss

  • Join our curation trail or delegate to us, a must

  • Invite at least 3 friends to participate

  • Upvote, resteem this post

  • Join our telegram group


We have mapped out 10 steem for this contest and it will be divided among 20 selected winners.

Contest ends by 12noon on 22nd October 2021 ( Nigeria time)

Best wishes from us @steemkids

Special mention


Best regards

Steemkids Community team

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 last month 

Hullo @steemkidss, my entry.
I invite @pixiepop,@brendakim and @kyara2 to take part.



Thank you. These kids are really beautiful…

 last month 

Thanks love

Thank you for tghis invite, the kids look awesome.

 last month 

Thank you

Greetings @steemkidss,
This is my little brother Solomon. I took this picture when I had gone to pick him from school. My parents were at work so when I was done with school, I had to go and also fetch my brother.

I invite @shadia931, @faithilyn and @montex000 to take part.

 last month 

@steemkidss please my picture






I invite my friends @goodybest, @eddyvic, @dequeen to participate in this Contest.

Thanks so much for the invite

Thank you @ Steemkidss for this school uniform contest, of course our kids are beautiful in their school uniforms.

Mi hija y mi sobrino al empezar el 2do grado de primaria.

Invito a @anafcc @yenny2401 @ekatirina

Hello @steemkids,this is my entry where my daughter was enjoying an after school moment.


I invite @littlemissmukene @namwoli and @moureenbronia to take part in this contest.

Thank you

Thanks for the invite 😊

Hello steemkids community, I'm glad participating in this contest.

The pictures below were taken today in Extreme Value Academy as I went to teach the primary pupils Mathematics. It was a nice moment.



I invite @prudent85 @chichieze @lazbless to participate. Thanks

Thanks for the reward.

My entry for the new Contest
My niece Vision.

I wish to invite @kwashphil, @graciousgrace16 and @nuella03 to join in this contest.

Congratulations to the winners

My daughter Isabella and I want to invite @desiredlady, @stanleynnah and @charis20 to participate.

 last month 

Thanks for the invite

 last month 

Thanks @patience90 for the invitation.
This is me in my school uniform


I am inviting @happiness26, @victor90 and @petersdebby to join.

In this image is me and cousins, I get them plenty ehh😜😂. I invite @benson @etiboy56 and @evegrace

My little cousin Oshe and I am inviting @happiness26, @debaron and @niglys8 to join this contest.
Congratulations to the winners

Thanks for the invite.. I'll drop my entry soon.

Congratulations to the winners and this is Ashe'ekpo.


I wish to invite @terdoo, @benson6 and @jwinny to join this contest.

 last month 

This is my entry


I invite @udyliouz, @fonexsignature and @raysdesign to participate in this contest

 last month 

Hello @steemkidss
This is my little sister. This is my picture 🖼️ entry in this contest. After preparing for school I remember that she should take a selfie 🤳.



I invite @smartangel , @fortwis09 and @princeifeko to participate in this contest.

 last month 

This is really a nice entry.

 last month 

Thanks 👍 so much friend @fortwis09

So beautiful dear

Congratulations to all winner.

This is my entry

My baby is Good to go , she will say bye-bye see you uuuuuuuuu♥️♥️♥️❤️💓

I invite @cheerillie @udyliciouz and @chichieze to participate.

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 last month 

Thank you so much friend

You are welcome @steemkidss👍

Many success for your contest!

This is my entry.



I invite my friends to participate

Here's my entry for this new picture contest...it have been so fun engaging in it my gratitude to @steemkidss , congratulations to me and all the winners
I invite @obrisgold @mariez @chichieze to participate


Thanks dear, I will participate

Thanks for the honour

 last month 

Thanx for the invite

I'm honored

Thanks dear for the invite 👍. This kid of URS is very beautiful 🙈

🤗thank you and you're highly welcome

@steemkidss thank you so much for the reward and congratulations to all the winners.
I have dropped my new entry.

 last month (edited)

This is my entry by @emmybless

I invite @debbysuccess @edyvic and @gracyakan to this contest

Greetings @steemkidss!
This is my cousin in her sports school uniform.

I invite @pato84 @patience90 and @chikelly19 to participate in this amazing contest.

 last month (edited)

This my first son Chinazaekpere Sanctuary Patrick . He is pre-Nursery class at Hope Academy Primary and Nursery School located along Jos Road Akwanga. This picture was taken in the morning when I was about taking him to school





I hereby invite @debaron, @desiredlady and @terdoo to participate

School boy. That's lovely, wish him success.

This is a picture from a school i teach.. It was an early morning and the kids where playing on a mary go round.

It was an unexpected pic of them i took..😁

Hello everyone, nice to see and connect with kids
In such a beautiful uniform. I must say this contest
Is mind blowing.

Here is my participation to this contest.

Meet Gabriella my little princess (nieces) she is in grade
One this year and she is 5years old now.

She school in Lagos Nigeria

Philma spring private school


My entry..
have been so fun engaging in it my gratitude to @steemkidss 🤗🤗🤗






invite @misslina, @wantimaulidar, @ani83 to participate in this contest.

Hello good morning. I hope everyone is doing good. The picture below is my younger sister and she attends one of the best schools on northern Region, Little flower junior high school,jubilee park road.



I invite @imuniru38 @jemilatu and @liwawudeen20 to join this contest.

 last month (edited)
Hello and good day to you all. Thanks to @steemkidss for this amazing contest congrats to all winners. You did great. Today I’ll be sharing with you a pictures of my cousin in her school attire and together with her friends too.

This pictures were taken by me some few days ago in her school where she was involved in an home economics practical section which I decided to pass by and have some pictures and videos of here. Unfortunately I can’t post the videos here.

The practicals was held in their school where is located in Northern part of Ghana, Tamale called Bagabaga College of Education Junior High.
Thank you


My cousin involved in an home economics practicals at school

This is a picture of her colleagues in school

I invite @habdallah, @miinah123 and @kataali

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys doing well. Welcome to my post. Thanks to @steemkidss for this amazing contest. I want to share the pictures of my cousins. I hope you guys will like it.


I would like to invite my friends to participate in this amazing contest.


I invite @adline,@noraandee and @benson6 to participate in this contest

 last month 

@steemkidss please this is my comment entry
I am inviting @iddy, @gracyakan, @eddyvic to join in the contest

Hello @steemkidss here are pictures of my baby brother when i visited him at a boarding school and my sister as she was reporting back to school.

I therefore invite my friends @quanbriel @kyara to participate unto this amazing contest.

Greetings @steemkidss users.
I must say that this kids contest is interesting and I like it so much. I Love kids.

Meet verofenic Lagos kids rendering an entertainment on their atire. This kids are so fun to be with, brave and intelligent children.

My contest entry 👆 I kindly invite @solomon5, @asue @greece-lover Sir to join this contest

Best regards.

 last month (edited)

My school has three uniforms for different purposes. These uniform go with a black cover shoe or sneakers.

The first is the customized shirt with a sky blue skirt for girls and trousers for boys. It is usually worn on Mondays

That's my friend in the customized shirt.

The second is my favorite and it is called day wear. It is a checked gown for girls while the boys wear checked shirt with sky blue trousers for senior boys and short for those in the junior category. This uniform is for any other day but Monday.


Last is the new uniform. It is a dark blue skirt or pair of trousers with a light blue shirt. Just like that of the boy in the image above.

I used a filter in this other picture. I wanted to find out how the uniform will look.

I'm a product of Shammah Christian School, Uyo.

 last month 

Hello @steemkids members here is my entry.
I would like to invite my friend.


My entry :

I invite @lindasuci, @sufleni, @ani83

Kek mana mis, lon ikut Steem kisd ya, bagai mana caranya

Foto asykia pakek baju sekolah, si Lidia boleh juga, besok kita upload dikantor


Hello @steemkids and good day to you all. Thanks so much to @steemkidss for this amazing contest . I’ll be sharing with you a pictures of my siblings in their school attire and together with their friends too.
Yesterday our Dad was busy with his schedules so I had to take them from school after their closing time. They closed around 4:00 pm.
This pictures were taken by me yesterday. Fortunately, when I went to the school to pick my siblings, two of their friends followed them to our store.
All of them are attending Bethel international School. It is located in the Northern region of Ghana. The school is a little bit far away from our store , so my Dad always pick them after their closing but because he was busy with his schedules , thus why I decided to go to the school and pick them.
I invite my friends @realib1, @awumpini, @imuniru to take part in this amazing contest.

Thank you for reading 🙏.

My entry :



I invite my friends : @ramliy, @ayulmanice, @ijaldj

Hello @steemkidss, my entry.
I invite @brendfilili71 -@kyara2 @gaborockstar to take part.

@steemkids: my entry

My siblings in their uniform. This picture was taken just after they closed from school. The pictures below show how hardworking I am. I will make sure that their assignments are done before the next day.



I invite @piini, @miinah123 and @illy5 to join this contest.

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