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Greeting to all the amazing kids and kids lovers in the house, it's another edition of our weekly picture contest. In this post we will be announcing winners for last week picture contest and also unveil the picture contest for this week.

We saw beautiful hairstyles for different part of the world last week and it was an amazing one, thank you all for sharing, below is the list of all winners.


Reward will be sent to the 20 winners listed above,We appreciate you all and we hope you all will also participate in the new contest this week.


This week, we will like to see kids favorite clothes, as young as they are, they can be so particular about a wear. We would like to know it. Share in the comment section your kid favorite cloth and the kids can also share with us their favorite cloth.

Contest rules

  • It is a comment contest, therefore we want to see the picture in this post comment section.

  • No internet source picture and no screenshot. We want it to be your own please.

  • Anyone is free to participate but you must subscribe to steemkids community.

  • Be creative, winners will be selected randomly.

  • Follow steemkidss

  • Join our curation trail or delegate to us, a must

  • Invite at least 3 friends to participate

  • Upvote, resteem this post

  • Join our telegram group


We have mapped out 10 steem for this contest and it will be divided among 20 selected winners.

Contest ends by 12noon on 15th October 2021 ( Nigeria time)

Best wishes from us @steemkids

Special mention


Best regards

Steemkids Community team

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 last year 

Saludos @steemkidss, el vestido que mi hija no quería quitarse después de navidad.


Invito a @loidadiaz, @lunita22 y @albaandreina para participar.

Hola amiga muchas gracias ☺️ por la invitación que linda tu hija Dios la bendiga 😇🙏🏻

Bella amiga tu bebe... gracias por la invitación! Exitos

 last year 

Hullo @steemkidss this is my daughter Stacey in her favorite wear. She loves and prefer to put on this anytime we are going to church. She is always full of smiles when she is given this wear.

I invite my friends @brendakim @vianneyspirit and @kyara2

She is very smart. Thanks for the invite dear

she knows what she wants 😀.
Thanks for the invite

My entry is here.

Meet my cousins Tash and Thelma, ever since they made them customized tshirts of their favorite animations, they never get tired of these t-shirts.
They literally want to wear these every where.

With their little one Tabitha, she always wants her mother to wear the same color with her😊
Just like how you see them in this picture.


@steemkids I therefore invite @namwoli @gabannah @five4 to participate in this contest.

My entry :
Hello @steemkidss this is my kids. children's favorite cartoon character clothes 🤗🤗





I invite @fitriani04 @wantimaulidar and @sailawana to participate in this contest.

Terimakasih sudah di undang 😊😊

Congrats to all winners!!!


And I want invite @natz04 , @naoj , and @momshie85 to join this wonderful contest..

Thank you so much @steemkidss reward received with thanks. I appreciate 😍

Reward received with thanks, my next entry is loading

Here is my Entry for this contest👇
This is Nora my Niece, she took this pic when she was 2yrs old but now she is 3years. She can cry for Africa. I will invite @rehma-brown @pricelesspresh @ladyofpolicy for this contest.

 last year 

Thank you so much @steemkidss for organizing such a wonderful contest. This is my entry:


Picture Description

By the left is Torojah,he is in traditional attire. In the middle is Jahdiong,in cinderella. By the right is Jah'swill,in traditional attire.

Thank you!

@gracyakan,@vickydear and @emmybless,I am inviting you guys to participate in this contest.

 last year 

@steemkidss please my picture




I invite @dequeen, eddyvic and @chocolatebrown to participate in this Contest


 last year (edited)

Thanks so much for the invite,

Her name is jahona , this is our favorite dressed.


I invite @ijelady, @chichieze and @prudent85 to participate.

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Gracias por permitirme ser parte de los ganadores

This is my entry


I invite @patience90 @peachyladiva, @desiredlady to come and participate in this contest.

Thanks for the invitation

 last year 

The big boss himself. @charis20 wetin you dey give this boy?

Thanks for the reward received.
Here is my entry for the new Contest

My niece Vision Ashe'ekpo with her charming smile in her beautiful favorite dress.
I wish to invite @stanleynnah, @desiredlady and @akwashphil to join the contest.

Thanks for the invitation

 last year (edited)

Congratulations to the winners.
My entry

This is my niece Goodness Abeson in her favorite dress.

I am inviting @debaron, @desiredlsdy and @fasacity to participate.

 last year 

Muchas felicitaciones a todos los ganadores!!!!

 last year (edited)

This is my entry.


This is the child's favorite dress when he was one

I invite @mislina, @ani83, @suryanie to participate in this contest.

 last year 

Thanks @steemkidss reward received with much appreciation

 last year (edited)

Hullo @steemkidss,this is my kids fovourate wear,she has been putting on this dress since she was 2,she is now 5 and she puts it on every birthday of hers and on other special occasions....she calls it my special dress.
I invite @kyara,@marjor and @precious5 to take part in this contest.


 last year (edited)

My beautiful nieces dress.the dress is made with Ankara material combined with poly material and it makes Them look awesome.
I invite @ramcy @edyvic and @vickydear to join in this contest

Hello @steemkidss, this is favorite wear my children


I invite @lindasuci, @atonzahara, @nisakobin, let's participate...

 last year (edited)

Rewards well received!
Thank you so much @steemkidss

Here's my entry for the contest..
Muna baby on her favourite cloth!

I invite @charis20 @patience90 and @pato84 to participate in this contest.

Thanks for the invitation, I'm joining now

You're welcome ma'am!

Thanks for the invitation

You're welcome ma'am!

 last year 


Thank you @steemkidss for this beautiful contest. This is my kid sister, her name is Mishael and her favorite clothes are bum shorts with top, polo or T-shirt. Below are the pictures of her;




I'm inviting @nikkypeter @esthyfashion and @toriasam to also participate. Please @toriasam subscribe to steemkidss community before you drop your entry. Thank you!

Thanks for the invite

 last year (edited)

This is my cute baby cousin. Her name is Beauty. She is barely 12 years old and she dresses so smart and adorably. This top and boot are her best.

 last year (edited)

My Baby Aayah is wearing a Marimar dress.

I invite @kyrie1234 @sweetmaui01 @moonlight-shadow to join this contest.

wow! I will check this one. Thanks for the invite mam

So cutie your baby @zoe21,..


Good day everyone! I am new here and I want to share my first entry here. This is my daughter with her beautiful pose. That time we just came home from church.

Thank you and Have a Great Day...

I invited @abby0207, @mrs.cuyag and @fabio2614 to post their entry

Greetings @steemkidss,

This is my niece Alena. I know she loves this dress very much because it is soo nice on her🥰. In most cases when I am with her, I love giving her this dress especially when we are going to church because she looks like an angel in it.

I invite @starrchris, @shadia931 and @quanbriel to take part

Thanks for the invite dear

Hello to all steemkids here!! Congrats to all winner!!


I invite to @melinjane , @marlon82 and @remay to join this contest.

Thank you @agentlin423 to invite me..

 last year 

@steemkidss please this is my comment contest


I'm inviting @rose ,@patience90, @eddyvic to join in the contest
Thanks for viewing

Thanks for the invitation

 last year 

Everything is amazingly beautiful with the clothes, this is my entry:

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 21.33.58.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 21.32.35.jpeg

I invite @miftahulrizky @fatniza @meilia to take part in this comment contest.

 last year 

Hello dear @steemkidss, this contest is quite and very interesting, I have a lot of 👗 dresses but this particular one became important to me ever since I joined steemit.



It is and will always be my best.
I invite my freinds who are: @madilyn02, @wizzyboy3 and @chimeroselam

 last year 

Opkor! Me too, I like the Polo
Looking good in ya pic

 last year 

Thanks for the compliment.

 last year 

You are very much welcome

 last year 


 last year (edited)

Thank you @steemkidss
Here is my entry to the new contest

Here's my son's favorite outfit, as he doesn't like to wear cap. That hoodie is soo comfort for him.
I hereby invite @peachyladiva @euniceadekumoke and @charis20 to join this contest.

Thanks for your invite. Your sons choice is nice

 last year 

Hi @steemkidss here is my entry.

My favorite cloth is a polo on a jean. The polo in the picture below is one of my bests as it reminds me of Uyo cantata carnival 2020 which I participated in as it has always been my wish to join in the carnival. Blue is my favorite color and I love rocking anything on blue. Altogether, my favorite cloth is jean trousers as it's gives me comfort.


I invite my lovely friends @whakee, @dhar-biee, @vhictory to participate in this.
I love steemkids.

 last year 

Thanks for this creative contest! Here is my own



I'm inviting @vickydear @nneoma @rich9090 to join in this comment contest.

 last year 

Thanks @goodybest for the invite

 last year 

You're welcome 🤗 dear

 last year (edited)

Here's my entry @steemkidss



I invite @chichieze @obrisgold @optimistickome to participate.

Thanks for the invitation

Thanks for this invitation, am honored 👍🙏

 last year 

Thank you for honoring my invite

Here is my entry.👇 Image of my woriwori little cousin always happy and full of life. Meet little Sifon❤️

I invite @evegrace, @etiboy56 and @icon-bassy

 last year (edited)

This is my entry.




I invite
To join me in this contest.
Thank you so much @steemkidss for this opportunity.

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