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Greeting to all the amazing kids and kids lovers in the house, it's another edition of our weekly picture contest. In this post we will be announcing winners for last week picture contest and also unveil the picture contest for this week.

Last week was school uniform day and we saw different amazing schoool uniform and creativity as well. It's sad we can't reward all participants but you all did a great job, below are the list of all winners.


Reward will be sent to the 20 winners listed above,We appreciate you all and we hope you all will also participate in the new contest this week.


This week, we will like to see the kids in their beds, whether they are sleeping or playing we will love to see them.

Contest rules

  • It is a comment contest, therefore we want to see the picture in this post comment section.

  • No internet source picture and no screenshot. We want it to be your own please.

  • Anyone is free to participate but you must subscribe to steemkids community.

  • Be creative, winners will be selected randomly.

  • Follow steemkidss

  • Join our curation trail or delegate to us, a must

  • Invite at least 3 friends to participate

  • Upvote, resteem this post

  • Join our telegram group


We have mapped out 10 steem for this contest and it will be divided among 20 selected winners.

Contest ends by 12noon on Sunday 31st October 2021 ( Nigeria time)

Best wishes from us @steemkids

Special mention


Best regards

Steemkids Community team

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 last year 

Thank you dear friend and kid's lovers. We appreciate you a lot

You are welcome @steemkidss ❤️

Many successes for your contest!

Hi everyone,Good afternoon to you all.Below is the picture of my brother’s child,her name is Rabab,she is nine months old. I thank @steemkids for organizing this contest. She is still learning how to sit. She plays by herself and she is always happy. I invite @mukka and @mukadas to join this contest.


 last year (edited)

Greetings to all the wonderful kids in this Community and the kids lovers too. I hope you are all fine.
Thanks so much to @steemkids for organizing such great contest.
Today, I will like to share with you some pictures of my niece . I took this pictures when she was happily playing with her teddy bear 🐻😍.



Her name is Khairat , she is currently in her 8th month.
Khairat like playing and sleeping too😍.
After playing , she fell asleep and I took her those pictures.

Khairat likes playing a lots.


I invite my friends @piini,@mukadas, and @realib1 to participate in this contest.

Thanks once again @steemkids for organizing this wonderful contest.

This is my entry to the contest



 last year 

Mi entrada con mi hijo a los días de nacido, 3 meses y 5 meses.




Invito a @loirabarajas, @luzeroc4 y @venturabogarin

hello everyone.
I hope you are good with the blessing of God.
Here is my entry in this contest.


I would like to invite my friend.

Great presentation ☺️

Hello everyone greetings to all members! How are you..
Here is my entry.


I would like to invite my friends!

Here is my entry

Am inviting my friends @blosomly, @blessingib,@goodybest, to share in this contest

 last year 

Thanks for the invite!

My entry :


I invite : @atonzahara, @sufleni, @lindasuci, let's join this contest

 last year 



This is my entry for this contest and I invite @partner-macro , @andi-teh , @zubir-steem to participate in this contest.

Thank you for the invitation my friend if I have time I will follow

Entri saya



Terima kasih saya kepada @suryanie yang telah mengundang saya dalam kontes ini.
Saya ikut mengundang @ani83, @nisaKhairunnisah dan @ijaldj untuk ikut dalam kontes ini.

Que bellos se ven todos, se ven muy tiernos en la cama

 last year 

I am grateful to @steemkidss thanks very much for your encouragement and support ❤️💙♥️💞 congrats to all the winners,
This is my new entry

I am inviting @gracyakan, @emmybless, @iddy to join in the contest

Congratulations to the selected winners.
My entry for the new Contest



I wish to invite @desiredlady, @charis20 and @nigyls8 to join this contest.

Thanks for the invite, your baby looks great

My entry for new contest : " Kids in there Bed ". I invite @ruqaiyah @bundamonteski @tiazakaria.


WhatsApp Image 2021-10-25 at 21.18.32(2).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-25 at 21.18.32.jpeg

This is an interesting contest, I will try to enter this contest.
Come on @jlufer and @blessed-girl and @fabiha, let's enter an interesting contest in the comments.

My entry. This is my lovely nephew when he was just 1month
Here comes yet another lovely nephew. He was just a day old and looking very healthy.
Snapchat-1194699996.jpg. Thank you steemkids for this contest. I invite @eliany,@dequeen and @goodybest to join in this contest

 last year 

Beautiful baby! Thanks for joining

Thank you

Congratulations to all the winners.
This is my entry to the new contest


My son sleeping after his breakfast on a beautiful morning
I invite @peachyladiva
@charis20 to participate in this contest.
Thank you

Thanks for the invitation....he is so handsome

Thanks so much ma'am

 last year 

@steemkidss please my entry


My baby
I invite @eddyvic @emmybless and @iddy to participate in this Contest

my entry...




invite @misslina, @eva88, @wantimaulidar to join this contest 🤗🤗🤗

 last year (edited)

🙋Felicidades a los ganadores 🎖💖....Mi entrada para el concurso.


Invito a @richeygre @angelva @frankye15

 last year 

Congratulations to last week's picture contest winners!!
I really love this present one and here's my entry


As I hereby invite @obrisgold @mariez @chichieze to join in this ongoing contest.

This one you are congratulating me did I win? Or better still I should go check for myself 😂. Thanks always for the invite.

I have been meaning to ask this girl is she your daughter?🙈

 last year 

Thanks for the invite dear....on board

My own entry....
Am glad to be part of this contest.....
Am inviting @udeme84 @esthyfashion @rich9090 to participate in this contest.

Here is my entry to this picture contest👇👇.



I am inviting @etiboy56 @icon-bassey and @davosimple please guys come and paticipate.

IMG_20201011_140115 (2).jpg

I will also love to invite @evegrace, @peckypeace and @zellypearl to please join the contest.

My Entry:



I want to invite friends to participate in this comment contest

I invite:


 last year 

Hello steemians here is my entering
I am on my school bed.


I am inviting
@hapoinessayang @inemesituwah @imoh1 to share in this context

 last year (edited)

Hello steemians I'm so happy to be part of this contest, here is my entry, I'm here playing with my siblings.

 last year (edited)

Hello steemians hope I'm welcome to this contest?
Thank you @steemkids I'm glad to be here. Here is my entering.
Here I am really playing


 last year 

This is my entry for the new contest.
Congratulations to all the winners of the other contest




I invite my friends


I also invite @esthyfashion, @madilyno2 and @smartangel to participate in this contest

 last year (edited)

Awwuuunnn 😘
What a cute baby. Thank you @fonexsignature

Hello everyone, Good morning 😃. Please how are you all doing. Below is my sisters daughter, her name is Jamila and she is 1 year old. Thank you @steemkids for this wonderful contest. Even though she is a year old but she can talk for Ghana inside😂 She like mentioning people’s name basaaa😁 and she is very troublesome.

Thank you all for reading.
I invite @miinah123 @aisha567 and @piini to join this contest.

Hi fellow steemians In steemkids, how are you all doing? Here is my baby on her bed. She is just a month old. Thank you @steemkids for this great contest.
I invite @kawusada @mukadas @david2021 to join this contest.

My Entry:


I want to invite friends to participate in this comment contest

I invite:

  1. @iwanda
  2. @prilly
  3. @prob



interesting contest, and this is my entry, and I invited some friends, @basyir01 @taillah @lensa-macro @ammacrophoto @s1photography

Hello, congratulations to all the winners of the previous contest. This is my baby Anisha. She loves playing and I love playing with her as well. In most cases I let her play on the bed because I spend most of my time on bed especially when am working. She likes coming next to me so I give her toys to play with as I do my work.
Anisha loves playing so much. When she gets up in the morning she wants to play, before she sleeps she wants to play. I like it though because she is always healthy and happy.

Thank to @steemkidss for this lovely contest. I invite @shadia931 and @mbabazigrace to take part

Hello everyone, Good evening and how are you all doing. I present to you my baby on her bed. She is called Asana and she just just 3 weeks old. Than you @steemkids for this amazing contest.
I invite @david2021 @illy5 and @mukadas to join this contest.

Hola buenas noches les presento a mi princesa y mi principe hermanos de vida, ellos les gusta mucho estar abrazados jugando o viendo tv.
Invito a mis amigas @marvismagallanes @zhanavic69 @julisalazar

 last year 

Amurrungados je je asi se pasan los mios unos dias y los otros no ja ja voy a ver que hago

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