Food dairies with my daughter, feeding a baby can be stressful.

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Feeding a baby can be a tedious thing to do most of the time especially when they get to the point of wanting to do things independently. As they grow, they learn from you and the environment and all of a sudden they feel they are old enough to do somethings on there own, especially feeding. Sometimes I am still amazed at how my daughter have grown, it really a beautiful thing to watch.


I like feeding her with custard in the morning for selfish reasons though,hahahaha, it makes her sleeps well and I can focus on my job, that way everybody wins. Custard is easy to make, healthy and she loves it.


She can't feed herself effectively yet, so I have to guide her but she doesn't want me to guide her, shes the boss now she wants to do it herself, if you don't let her then she won't collect from you. Most of the time she pours the food everywhere and everywhere is so messy. I have no choice than to clean and get her new food. It's a process of learning and I know I have to be patience with her.


This picture above, she ended up pouring water in her food and mess up everywhere, whenever I go close to try and feed her, she will carry the food and go somewhere else because she's the boss and nobody should come near her property.


At first, I was kind of impatient with her but I now I understand it a phase she has to go through and learn and I just have to be patience and guide her well. Sometimes I just laugh sometimes she do off.

Tips to making feeding a baby better

  • patience is the key, you just have to be extremely patience as feeding a baby is not a small work that can be ignore. They need to eat to grow well, they don't know this so they most of the time want to play with the food. So it's very important to be patience or you won't be able to feed them.

  • let they have fun when eating, so they don't see food as on tedious thing, let it be something they look forward to do.

  • everywhere may be messy, if not all the time, so be prepared for it.

  • know that it's a phase and it won't be forever. These babies grow up so fast, so enjoy it while it last. Hahaha

Thank you for your time and have a great week.


That is the joy of motherhood, baby girl is beautiful😍

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Thank you.

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Thank God for the ability given mothers

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Yes oh. Thank God.

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She looks so pretty and lovely.
This very phase of her life is one of the best phases of a child. The real joy of motherhood starts at this phase.

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Thank you so much for your kind words.

I can relate, well-done.

Patience is really needed at this stage

She's so adorable.😍 Thank you for sharing your diary.

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Thank you ma'am

it's so cute when these babies spit on food, although it's not like that for parents :) I totally agree about having fun before they grow up, thanks for sharing😇

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Yeah, it is.

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