New contest series: I love to take photos || Week 1: The sky|| (Booming votes for winners)

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Hello my dear friends, I welcome you all to this new contest series of I love to take photos.
Many us love taking photographs, it has become our passion and we just cannot do without it. We always take out our cameras from where we kept it and position ourselves to take photos, it has become a part of us especially we that are here in steemit.

Photography is the art or process of capturing images, either on light-sensitive film or electronically in digital form, from which viewable pictures can be produced; activity of someone who uses a camera ~ SRC"

As we already see from the above definition, photography is an art and art is what we put our heart into to achieve it.
That perfect photo that tells a thousand story, that photo that stores up memories forever, That photo that keeps you smiling everyday. We would love to see it....

So for this contest, we are required to share our best photos for the week according to the theme I will be presenting for each week.

This week's theme: The sky

For this week you are expected to capture and share the photos of your sky.

Describe briefly what the sky signifies when you capture it, what was the weather and at what time was it captured. You can also include the What3words location of where you stayed to capture it.

Contest rules

  • Your post should be up to 300 words or above but not more than 500 words. If you cannot write up to 300 words then you can leave your participation as a comment under this post.

  • The contest is open for only the kids in the community. Check Here to get verified if you are between the ages of 13-19.

  • Remember the kingly rule of steemit: Do not plagiarize

  • Post should be made in steemkids community and if you want you can set at least 10% beneficiary o he community account, @steemkidss

  • Upvote and resteem this contest. Also share your participation under the comment section of this post and invite 3 of your friends to participate. Mention me in our post so I can easily see your post.

  • Use the tags #photography, #lifestyle, your country tag among that tags you use for your post

  • For this week, use the title: "I love to take photos: My sky photography"

Reward pool: Booming vote for the top three winners

As you may have read, participation in this contest can either be as a post or a comment.

Three best photos will be rewarded with booming support on their active post in the community or the main contest post if it is still active. If you made it as a comment, then it will be another active post in the community that will be rewarded.

Winner will be determined by the quality of photos and the originality. Make sure you capture the image by yourself and not from a source in the internet.

Contest ends at the expiration of this post


I wish you all success dear kids, hoping to see your beautiful photos for this week Let get our cameras ready and set....🤗



 2 years ago 

Thanks for this wonderful contest series. I can't wait to see pictures if the sky from different angles

Than you do he supports, I also await their participation

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 2 years ago 

Hello my friend!
I am sure the kids are going to love you to the moon and back for this nice contests. After all who doesn't like taking photos.
Good luck everybody!

Thanks my friend. Hoping to see various entries from kids

 2 years ago 

I love to see the sky photography by our community kids. Let's see who wins. Thanks for organizing this contest.

Yes friend, let's see. Thank you for your support

 2 years ago 

Nice one you got here

 2 years ago 

Nice contest by @madilyn02,I will be dropping my entry soon.

 2 years ago 

wow what a nice Contest my entry soon

It doesn’t have to e perfect to be amazing. 🎓🔬🧲✏😎💚

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