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Good afternoon my fellow kidss am happy to be with you people once again I hope you guys slept well last night. I will like to teach you guys something that will educates you people a lot i know you guys will be happy to hear from me.😂😂

But before I continue i will like to tell you guys the meaning of gift.


Gift can be said to be a something given to someone by another person without a charge. It can also be a talent or natural ability of someone. In this world many people have different types of gift of nature that are being given to them by their creator.
But before I continue i will like to talk about the gift given to someone by his fellow human being/man, Many people have received different types of gifts from thier fellow human being because of their character or attitude or even their hard working towards something.i will like to tell you guys a story that talks about gift and after the story i will now list out some things that can make you to inherit something from your fellow man as a kid.

my story

Once upon a time there was a girl named joy.
Joy came from a pour family, her parents is very poor in an estence that they can not eat three squeal meal in a day.
Joy have no opportunity to go to school, every day her parents will send her to market to go and sell some vegetables for them why her mates are in the school learning. so when joy carries the vegetables to market she will be greeting some people very well this helps her to sell her vegetables because people like how she greet
So one day joy was on her way to market she greets one man as she normally do so the man called her and her why is she always carry vegetables to market why her mates are in the school learning, immediately the man asked the question joy started crying the man asked her why she is crying,joy told her that she is coming from a poor family.
The man was shocked and ask her to go and showed him her parents and joy took him to her parents and the man found out that joy was saying the truth and also he realized that joy is an obidient child.
So the man promised to help joy and his family he told them that he will come back later,so after some few days the man came back and registered joy in one big school and also gave her parents a big job in his company.
He made the Joy's father the manager of his company where they refined crude oil which is the one of the natural resources we have in the world and also gave her mother a huge amount of money to start up a business, Joy's family become a very wealthy family. That is the end of my story.

Things that can make you to obtain something from your fellow man as a kid

  • Obidient: if Joy was not obidient to carry the vegetables to the market she wouldn't have seen the man that helped them to become rich in life. Is good to be obidient to your parents and your elderly once as well.

  • Greeting :Is very good to greet our elderly once because if joy did not greet the man he wouldn't have called her and ask her the reason why she always carry vegetables to market instead of been in school learning.

  • Respect: Is good to respect our senior once this helps to obtain something good from them as well.

  • Prayer: as a kid you need to be prayerful for God to open doors in our parents businesses and also for us to see our destiny helpers

  • Contentment: Is good to be contented with what our parents gave to us.If you are contented it will make you not to steal or looking over something that does not belongs to you


My fellow kidss i hope you people learnt something from my story and from my little lecture. I will like guys to start practicing those things that I listed it will you and I a lot. As you do so may God bless you amen.🙏🙏😂😂😁😁

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Thank you for sharing this useful information with us . I believe as a kid you will also practice some of these points liated in your post

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