Shopping of my son with grandfather || #kids-health || #club5050 || @hira.umair || 8th Nov. 2021

Hello to all my friends,

Hope you all are doing good and are in best of your health as according to Monday theme I will talk about health and how I made my son get engage in it. Well! as we all know that how much health is important to all of us so, to make my son understand its importance I thought to start from the very young age. Reason being that if we will start or invest today we will have a better tomorrow.

My father usually go for grocery shopping on Sunday's and this time me and my son decided to accompany him and it was total worth it. I had mix feeling as I was getting thoughts that my son might get bore or won't find the place very exciting but I was all wrong. So starting off we went to a nearby place named "CSD Super Mall" where along with grocery we found fruits and vegetables also.




My son out of excitement started taking round of all the whole place and to my wonder he started asking me names of almost all the fruits and vegetables there. I got so happy that I started telling him names also and along with that he started to tell me about the different shapes and colors of the fruits and vegetables which was exciting for me as well. The color recognition along with shapes was amazing 10/10 for my son (mashaALLAH).



I never thought that my son is so big that he will even suggest my father to buy some products of his choice.




Then happily we paid off the bill and went home.



I started telling everyone at home that how happily he shopped and told me the names of all the fruits and vegetables and all my family members got equally excited. Then I sat down for homework with my son and he showed me the book pages of different fruits and vegetables and asked me that can he color all those pages and excitedly said "yes" and he colored all the products of correct colors as can be seen in few pages which I have attached.




Happy that my son learnt so much from the experience. To view my 1st achievement post just click here

Hira Umair


 3 years ago 

Thank you for sharing your dairy with your son with us. We are sure he learnt new things as that shows from his drawings. Keep sharing quality content with us.

Thank you and for sure

Wow! I totally agree with the fact that kids do enjoy grocery a lot.

Yup and they learn also

Nicely written.

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