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10% FOR @steemkidss

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Hi... what are the best friends @steemkids wherever you are, may you be in good health and happy. In this post, I just wanted to share my experience for newcomers to @steemkids. Especially friends of child lovers and also beloved children in this great community about the #club5050 movement that is the activity of strengthening the steemit account that we have by doing Power Up, meaning we will exchange the Steem Dollars we have from curation to steem and we turn it on as the strength of the account and maintain the continuity of steem to be better and develop in the future.

As we know @steemit is a steem-based social media that is in the form of crypto currencies other than SBD and others managed by a Steem Blockchain, Blockchain itself is a transaction data center that stores all steem user activities. Steem and SBD we can get from the work, writing, stories or images that we post on steemit. When lucky we will generate SBD and steem as an account asset, which serves to see how strong the account we have. Therefore, so that steem does not decrease in value, we must continue to increase our investment in steem by doing Powet Up at all times when we have the ability to do so.

This week I did it over and over again, even from a small income. Little by little the power of the account that we have when doing Power Up will be a strong account. If at any time we have good steem power, it will have an impact on new community members. The value of our support can allow new members to grow together.

There's no need to do it 100% when it comes to objections, but it's better. Directions do #club5050 movement we can do every gift from a post. Look at what they do as community moderators in their posts


@ngoenyi (Admin/Founder)NGOENYI HAS JUST HIT 🎯🎯🎯 18552.422SP AFTER POWERING UP 600 STEEM, #CLUB5050 ALL THE WAY💃💃💃💃💃💃10% TO @STEEMKIDSS**
@benson6 (Steemkids Teach/Lit. ENG)Hurry!!! Hurry!!! Hurry!!! Steemkids Community #SAVEBYPOWERUP CONTEST @benson6 just powered up 100steem 10% beneficiary reward to @steemkidss community
@goodybest (MOD)Powering Up 91% Of My Last Week Earnings I'm Willing To Join #club5050 10% Beneficiary Reward To Promosteem.com
@humaidi (MOD)Contest # Sundays are for power up in steemkids community,power ups are very important for the future #club5050 - set 10% @steemkidss account by @humaidi


and many others in the @steemkids community, they do power up amazingly. And I as a member of the steemkids community follow the same way that I can grow and develop together by supporting each other in every movement to advance the community. It's the result of the power up I do as a member with the income I get from steemkidss, I do 100%.


Hopefully the invitation and what the moderators do we can follow as members, as a #club5050 movement that we can always practice continuously to strengthen the account and maintain the growth of this community that we love, especially the @steemkidss community.

This is my experience learning with steem, hopefully it can be an example for newcomers who are just joining the @steemkidss community and @steemit of course.


 2 months ago 

it's true what you said, #club5050 is now a topic of conversation on steemit, and congratulations you have joined #club5050

 2 months ago 

Terima kasih @humaidi

 2 months ago 

Nice one bro but I am not a MOD before the community ban me but all the same, I am glad you have joined the #club5050 winning team as we will continue to do what we are good at doing best.

 2 months ago 

Sorry for my mistake, I'll fix it. Success continues to be friends🙏🙏

 2 months ago 

Thank you for this dear @fantveiki. It is self explanatory. I believe you will correct the fact that Benson6 is an mod. I appreciate your explanations. The kids are already on it.

 2 months ago 

Thank you miss @ngoenyi, sorry for this mistake. May you be healthy and happy always.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for this, more than 90% of moderators join club, yes we support #club5050

 2 months ago 

Amazing, I am proud to be in the steemkidss community

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