Weekly drawing contest|| week #18 Begins: Draw A Butterfly 🦋 by @eliany

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Hi kids welcome to the drawing challenge for week 18, welcome back after the 4 weeks challenge contest I really enjoyed the zeal and your great effort, congratulations to all the winners. We have a new pattern for this our drawing contest, 4 weeks we will be drawing each classes of a living things such as insects, reptiles, mammals, animals etc then see what we can learn from them and appreciate the wonders of creation. This week we will be drawing insects and we will be starting with a butterfly 🦋🦋

About the contest, Draw a butterfly

Welcome to week #18 of this drawing challenge. In this week, I will like to see us challenge ourselves with a Butterfly 🦋 drawings, we want to know what we can learn from them.*

  • Be creative and show me your skills.

  • Describe A Butterfly 🦋

  • What can we learn from the life stages of a butterfly?

  • Have you seen one before? If yes, where?

  • Are they important to man, what significant role do they play in humans life?

  • Do you like butterfly?

Please be detailed in your explanation, it will be graded.


  • I am looking forward to your ORIGINALITY AND CREATIVITY without Plagiarism in your drawing. Plagiarism disqualifies your entry
  • Please note, always include a selfie with the drawing, this makes you eligible for normination. So if you did not include a selfie, know that you are not among those that will be nominated.

  • show upto 4 steps or stages of the drawing and include a selfie of you during the drawing and after the drawing ( a must)

  • Your writeup should not be less than 300 words.

  • Engage with other entries by commenting on them

  • Post your entry in steemkids community, join steemkidss curation trail and delegate to steemkidss.

  • Resteem this post to get to more users. Upvote this post and drop your entry as a comment under this post

• Invite at least 3 of your friends to join this challenge. Mention me in your post.

  • This particular challenge will end in the next 7 days once this contest post pays out

  • Delegate to steemkidss if you have not done so or increase your delegation

Award- 9 steem power will be shared among 3 best posts, each will receive 3 steem power, show your creativity.

  • Your entry may stand a chance to be chosen as quality post for the day.

  • The art team of the community curators may find your entry worthy of receiving support from steemcurator04.

How winners will be selected
Do your best, obey all rules and then stand a chance to be selected, all enteries will be reviewed and winners selected.

I wish you all success!!!!!




 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot dear for coming back with this amazing art contest. It's going to be great. I must learn how to draw this time, let's see how it goes

 2 years ago 

Lols ok ma'am

Nice contest, i know many kids will participate cause they really love butterflies

 2 years ago 

Wow I'm so happy........
Weekly drawing contest


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 2 years ago 

Hi @eliany, This is a nice contest, is it only for children?

 2 years ago 

Kids lovers can also participate

It's nice to see the return of our amazing drawing contest, time to see beautiful drawings from our great artists in the community....

 2 years ago 

Yes oooo 💃💃

 2 years ago 

Butterfly is my favourite insect while mosquitoes are the opposite
What about you @bossj23, what do you say

 2 years ago 

Wow,am happy that the drawing contest is back,I will be dropping my entry soon.

 2 years ago 

it seems quite a good competition but alas !!
we have terrible condition here because of flood in our area.. will definitely take part in all the contest as soon as i can i miss being a part of this lovely interaction of my @steemkidss dear community..
keep it up @eliany lots of wishes to you dear friend

 2 years ago 

Oops so sorry about your country condition, I wish to see you resume taking part in contest again

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