Activities to Strengthen Family-Friendly Bonding | by @drhira

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Hello my steemian family

How are you doing i am good. I always feel pleasure while taking part in the contest. I loved the topic being mom of a doll it gave me chance to think how i have strengthen family bond and what else i can do to improve it Activities to Strengthen Family-Friendly Bonding.

I will share the activities which i have been doing with my doll so that love bond can be more strong and she realized the importance of relationship in her life.

Its upto parents how they nourish and teach their children, being mom i knew very well what should i have to do to teach her the value of family bonding either with me or with other family members.

Its very important part of the personality otherwise children always stat away from family and also relatives because we never try to do something to make them near.


You can see in these pictures me and my doll with her cousins, we did gossips and play together without knowing the age difference, it definitely strengthen the love.


How happy they are looking although my doll is little among all but still i taught her to play with all female cousins and they also felt happy. Meet up and playing together definitely build up more stronger relationship.


Its all about my today's post.

I would love to invite my dear friends @ashkhan, @jannat12 and @sualeha to take part in the contest.


Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.


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