@ngoenyi contest #14 DIY ( Do It Yourself) Drawing of Physical Steemkids Community|| by @ddwosky 10% goest out to Steemkidss

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Hi everyone glad to see you all again, special thanks to the initiator of this contest @ngoenyi, its another privilege for me to enhance my creative skills.

For this contest i decided to describe the Virtual steemkids community in an artistic drawing.


Watch the artworks below to see how I developed the steemkids physical community in a step by step drawing, enjoy

The materials am using are

  • White A3 drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring inks of different colors



I will like to call this artwork Steemkids Community and like i said its a physical community and the drawing is a freehand landscape drawing inspired by natural imagination.
First i began by sketching the artwork with pencil.



Thereafter i began to coloring the trees and the house, and i added more natural features just like any community we may think of.






But then a special features of this community make is unique and stands out from any other community, guess what? The steemkids School.


So imagine if in our physical community we have a school and a hospital were people can access our services and pay the school fees and hospital bills with steemcoin, it will be amazing isn't it, that is exactly what every Steemians wish.

Now let me take you to the end of my artwork, enjoy!.


![IMG_20211020_143359.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)






Hope you enjoyed the adventure as you tour round our community, thanks for going through my post.

Conclusively i propose a physical steemkids community where our children and indeed all of us will contribute to the development of this community, our schools, hospitals and markets will all accept Steemcoin as a medium of exchange for goods and services thus adding value to steem.

Am inviting @ubongudofot @goodybest @benton3 @benson6 and @fingerbod together with my beautiful wife @eliany to participate in this contest.

 last month 

This is really beautiful @ddwosky thank you for drawing of Steemkids community school, our kids will really love the school, parents will appreciate a school where school fees is paid with steem thank you continue making quality post with us here, much love 💕💕💕💕💕

 last month 

This is amazing @ddwosky! I like your drawings thanks for joining in this contest, continue to be active in our community we appreciate you 💕

Omo see talent....
@ddwosky i go come for tutorials....
Nice sketch....
Weldone sir.....

I appreciate every artist and you are no different...

Your talent is pure and raw, I remember trying to make some arts as this but... 😂😂😂

Success in the contest

 last month (edited)

Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful, please I would love to be train on this oooo, thanks for sharing this with us here @ddwosky

Pure talent, i appreciate the 3D view, thank you very much for sharing this quality content.

This is real talent!
Thanks for sharing with us this great idea.

Incredible, you are a great Artist. I appreciate your creativity.

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