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This is a response to a @wakeupkitty invitation in the contest by @freedomshift

Мy dear God! How boring it is to describe every moment of your life! What is possibly so significant that it deserves public scrutiny? You wake up, you go for a walk, brush your teeth, take a shower, have breakfast, then, in the era of COVID you sit by your computer and work.

Speaking about my work doesn’t make any sense. Not because what I do is rocket science, but because for an outsider to have an understanding he or she must be familiar with the entire gamut of a business logic specific to the current application I develop. And if I would only have an audacity to undertake this feat, all my readers would run for cover.

Yesterday, however, there was a minor deviation from this template, as me and the circle of relatives celebrated mother’s day. We do this based upon another template that we chose already five six years ago. That is we go to Marina Del Rey, a place in LA designated to picnics.

We came there on several cars filled to the rim with feed and drinks as early as eight-thirty in the morning to stake our hold on the lunch bench. Having accomplished this feat, we ate the first time.

Then children started to play ball while adults lazily sat in chairs languishing from idleness and casting some useless
meaningless words.

From time to time, some of us got up and aimlessly wandered around until we acquired appetite. In which case, we came from the shadow of the tree where we placed chairs, went down to the food behcn and ate.
In the midst of all this excitement, I fell asleep in the chair and woke up with the burned face.

There was actually one curious circumstance that elevated this mother’s day above its usual template because this time I made a special cake. While I was making it, my wife frowned at me, as the process of making it was so different from the way she usually does it. Should she have a chance to intervene in my process? She’d do it and would attempt to school me. Yet, I was able to accomplish the entire exercise while she wasn’t home and when hse came back, all she had to contend with was the smell.

I do my cake in the following way. First I prepare the dough just like cookies. Then, after rolling it out in three shin sheets, I bake it at 375 fahrenheit. After the sheets are cooled, I smeer strawberry jam on each surface and stack the sheets on top of each other. The top one I cover with ground nuts mixed with the remaining baked dough which I also grind. Then the entire creation must stand for three days, waiting until jem would penetrate the sheets, which provide uniformity and softens dough.

While the cake stood covered by aluminum foil, my dear wife smirked and scoffed at my predeluvial methods and predicted them an absolute failure at the battlefield. Yet, as it turned out I was having the last laugh. My cake was eaten very quickly, receiving many praises and even the highest praise from my granddaughter, who made a demand to make such a cake for her personally. So I was able to put my wife to shame and left her to leak her wounds.

This is my entry What does TODAY Mean to YOU? 3.45 hosted by @freedomshift

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The Old Normal!!! We don't do that anymore up in New York State. Someone would call the cops.

Very funny! And it sounds good to me. Did your wife try it?

 9 months ago 

Oh' boy. Call the cops? I thought they were defunded. )))

You mean the cake? She tried to pretend that she didn't like it. But I've seen her sneak out and eat a piece. )))

Thank you for you I learned that this marina is in New York I thought it was near Sochi.

Хорошие фото ,
Это красивое место - Лос-Анджелес в США или еще один Лос-Анджелес в России, могу ли я представить, чтобы быть рядом с Сочи? или другое место на каком-нибудь побережье мира?

Спасибо @mgaft1

 8 months ago 

Спасибо! Это в США.

Thank you for entry #44 to:

I have upvoted this post and the submission comment @ 100%.

Thank you!

 8 months ago 

Thank you for reading and upvoting!

But... but... I like to hear you wake up and brush your teeth! I never go for a walk btw and the way you bake cake I do it too.
You made me curious about how your wife does it.
Mother's day isn't really a day we celebrate. Mother needs to work but my youngest bought me marxipan (which I not equally shared with my children) and my son baked me a buttercake (I bought the ingredients and equally shared although I preferred to eat it alone because it was gone in an eye blink).
I am glad you joined and hope your wife feels happy again knowing you will do the baking job from now on.

 8 months ago 

I woke up and brushed my teeth. I do it every day in pretty much the same "very dramatic" manner. )))

Me wife uses a different fluffy dough, and makes a different cream. Usually she bakes a cake called Napoleon.

My cookie dough comes out hard and it takes 3 days to soften it out.

Well, we rarely do cakes as we both try to stay away from sweets. Though I do some cooking once in a while.

Aren't you live in Netherland? In America people usually celebrate mother's and father's day. I never remember when though, but my children always remind me.

I brush my teeth frequently a day I always liked the feeling.

I live in the Netherlands indeed. At most there's a present for mom or dad and in my childhood we visited the grandmother's (-fathers died). Bunch of flowers and dinner and off we went not really special but always good for a fight.

Your dough reminds me of the "tompuce" which I like you just don't know how to eat it.

 8 months ago 

Yeah, looks very similar. When I was in Amsterdam I ate there a special waffles with marmalade inside. They were sooo good! I even brought some with me to the US.

Also I took a special trip to fisher's village and visited cheese factory there. Also we ate freshly caught herring. That was something as well.

You been to Urk?

I remember as a child I visited a cheese factory with school. It smelled terrible but I am still a cheese fanatic. 😋

Best cheese is still made by cheese farms but very expensive.

 8 months ago 

I forgot how that place was called. Though probably you are right. You might recognize this place from the photo. The cheese factory didn't smell bad. The showroom had very tasty sweet mustard and I must have tried 20 different types of cheese. That was a memorable experience.

I think it was Urk it's long ago I have been there.
Good to hear your experience was better. Good cheese I always tasted on the markets but these days you can taste/try out nothing.

 8 months ago 

What impressed me about Netherland was the fat sheets that looked like pigs. I have a nice memory. I also love your soccer team and was devastated when they lost to Germans in 1974.

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