How to build your own testnet and test the smt hardfork yourself

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Very well laid out article with step by step - great! Are you running straight linux and do you know can this work with windows 10, ubuntu for windows? Note I was able to get eosio running well on windows 10 with ubuntu for windows so I was just wondering. Thanks

I'm running straight linux. On windows I am not sure that this is possible as I haven't tried it myself, but this whole process is doable with docker so if you were working on windows. I would use docker instead.

I did eosio with ubuntu for windows 10. Not Bash for windows but ubuntu. The bash won't work because it is too low a compiler version and ubuntu version is higher and allows for c++17 and cmake highest version, etc. Use ubuntu and you get the correct version of bash without a separate bash which is the wrong version of linux. Have to go into Windows 10 settings and allow for, that is turn on enable developer mode. Then go to Windows store and download/install ubuntu for windows and then all the fine high quality developer packages

Instead of making too much testing and continue to put a delay, I believe it is about time to make it happen.

If anyone else than @howo and @eonwarped had been doing testing, then we might have been in a place now where it would be responsible to launch the next hard fork.

But as it is, we still have some chain-brekaing bugs that have not been fixed, and no way to know for sure if there are many more potential problems, as the complexity and sheer number of weird actions people can try to do is so large.

So if you want faster progress, then demand witnesses you vote for to participate in testing.

I agree but pushing a hard fork that might crash or worse force us to rollback would be much worse than delays.

Is there a way to test that for non developers ?

Excellent question ! And the answer is...Not really. Right now too many steps include coding at some point to get things done.

Thanks for keeping up the good work.

Thank you for keeping supporting me :)

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I wish i could learn about this kind of thing. Im not understand but i think it must be important to steem.

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Great work, this should be referenced in official portal as additional resources...

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