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RE: Hive vs Steem from a Little Old Lady's Perspective

I blindly powered down my steem before I could read into whatever is going on at hive. I am thinking of separating my work to grow steem again but due to whodver threatened all of us not to cross post and keep his 0.03 rare (at least on my end) upvotes, I have been somewhat fighting myself over these communities. I am simply tired of the chain being this unstable and unpredictable!


I think that fellow apologized, has stopped downvoting dual posters. And I don't ever remember his upvoting me at all. Could be wrong of course.

Communities divided us, Hive v steem divided us, sbi hate divided us. For all the attempts to modify our behavior, the blockchains are still pretty much like the rest of the world right now.

What a disappointing end. I thought we were going to change the world... hurts to see greed roams everywhere.

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