@steemingcuration SPUD4STEEM for June! 🚀🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💪 and Delegators Referral Rewards of 2%

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Hello everyone as you all know by the end of the month, Steem Community has this highly anticipated event of power up their account with more Steem on SPUD4STEEM day, which usually happens on the 1st day of every month. For those who wants to participate to win this event, you will have to follow the rules and guidelines as in this post 📢 #SPUD4STEEM RULE UPDATE🌎🥔
For those who just like us who wanted to support this initiative, we all can power up all the Steem that we have so we have more power when we cast that upvote! This shows that you support this ecosystem, trust in the future of this blockchain and its community. Every Steem that you power up, helps in preserving and increasing the value of Steem at the open market. Do you prefer to see Steem at 10$ each or at 0.5$ each? We want Steem token to increase in value as time goes by and we should be supporting it by powering up the steem that you don't need to spend right now. Think of powering up your Steem token as your saving that has the potential to increase its value from 0.5$ now to maybe 10$ in the future.
You can support the community of Steem by delegate to any community of your interest and get monthly or weekly payout on your Steem power. You get passive income just by doing this! Steeming community offers up to 57% APR to our delegators and we put them on whitelist daily upvote for their contents that following our community guidelines. We give them a priority for Booming Curation List too! Check out our Monthly report to see how our delegators earn for the month of May here Monthly Report of Steeming Community: Month of May 2021

steemingspud4steem.png@steemingcuration also do the POWER UP!!! Now we have our own SP of 4198 SP🤩


Referral Program for introducing delegators to @steemingcuration

We have the referral program on rewarding those who introduce delegators to @steemingcuration will get referral rewards of 2% out of the total delegation provided that this delegator has delegate for the period of 1 whole month minimum. You will get the referral reward after 1 month.
For example, if you have referred someone who delegates 1000sp to @steemingcuration, you will get 20 steem as a referral reward. Provided that the delegator you have referred to us has to delegate at minimum 1 month. If they happened to undelegate before 1 month has passed, this referral reward is not valid anymore.
Help us find delegators and win steem!

Steeming Community Team.


I like your thinking about Powering up, good stuff on joining into #SPUD4STEEM

You had a 31.26% increase which is a great Power up

Only another 802Sp until you become a Dolphin


 6 months ago 

Dear @steemcurator01,

I am delighted to be writing to you today. I am writing this note to inform you on the creation of our new community Financial Security Community that was cofounded by @kinkyamiee and @xkool24 few days ago.


We have been able to make an announcement post, created a curation trail and also conducted a contest in the community within a week of its creation. We have also delegated 1500SP to the community account from our own personal accounts, powered up 50Steem and have 50Steem left for the purpose of the just concluded contest that we held in which only two members participated.


I humble request for your kind support toward our new and fast growing community as we already have 26 members and counting within a week the community was created. The members are willing and eager to post contents, we have already started using the community account @financesecurity to curate their post but we would need your kind support for the community, that will encourage the more members to join and post quality contents.


I hope you respond to our request.

 6 months ago 

Hola bendiciones que buen SP y a seguir aumentando, bendiciones.

 6 months ago 

Excelente participación a seguir adelante.

I would like to approve my community.please guide me how approve my community.tell me principles

Hi @steemingcuration and @crytokannon

My achievement 4 is already verified at 6 days ago, but now i did not received any Curation from your. Please support me😭


Please help me. I am a newbie

Wow.good post plz vote me i need

Hello @steemingcuration @cryptokannon

My achievement 5.1 is already verified at last 4 days ago but i did not receive any curation from you.Please support me😭

achievement 5.1 link:

Wow am interested

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