Hurray!!! Steemalive won 3rd position in the just concluded #SPUD$STEEM, 1/8/2020

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We are delighted to announce that @steemalive community participated and won 3rd position in the August 2020 edition of #SPUD4STEEM.

Recall that as a community, we announced that we will participate in the #SPUD4STEEM which was held on the 1st of August. There more than 30 participants. When the confirmed result was announced, we came 3rd. The steem delegations we will receive will helps to further support the many newbies that we are onboarding to Steemit. We deeply appreciate the kindness from the event sponsors. We want to thank them specially from our hearts. The sponsors are:


We cannot forget to thank @kiwiscanfly who worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth running of #SPUD4STEEM. Like we earlier said, we will use the delegations to support newbies as our steemalive community was formed solely to onaboard and retain new users to Steemit. To our sponsor and event organizer, we say Thank you once again. A big thank you to my great friend @crypto.piotr, you are a friend indeed.

We look forward to future editions of #SPUD4STEEM.

Written by: @focusnow Steemalive Founder
For: SteemAlive


To all who made this happen, I love you all... Steemalive rock on!!!

Excellent and congratulations on winning 3rd place :)

Great picture and nice suit you are wearing

@kiwiscanfly. Thank you so much. We have talented designers in Nigeria. I even hope to start a fashion design Community on Steemit in the nearest future.

I'm so happy to see this, efforts directed towards the contest paid off. Steemalive all the way :)
That suit really looks sleek on you though

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Yeah this is so amazing.
With great joy, we the members of @steemalive accepts and announces our 3rd position in the #Spud4steem. It was really a good way to start.
Thank you to all the sponsors.
A big thank you to @kiwiscanfly for hosting this contest.
@focusnow, you are really a legend all these wouldn't have been possible without you.
All of us from @steemalive love and appreciate you all.

Yeah, We say a big thank you to our sponsors, @kiwiscanfly for hosting this contest. @focusnow you are indeed a great leader...
We are all saying thank you, from @steemalive


It's a great achievement attaining up-to 3rd position congratulations to the @steemalive community and it's members more success ahead.

Yeah the suit fits you well enough. Congratulations 🎉 to use as community team members. It's our combined efforts that brought us to the brim light and at a first trial we won third.

More winnings coming our way and we look forward to engaging with our subscribers.


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@focusnow you look more younger in that suit, #steemalive is up and running. Hurray to our honourable community @steemalive

Congratulations on 3rd place - i just delegated you 300sp for the next 21 days

other sponsors should be in contact shorty


@kiwi-crypto. Thank you so much for this kind gesture. We will use it wisely to support our community.

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Congrats! Delegation sent

We have received your delegation and we would like to thank you from our hearts for this great opportunity. We will use it to support newbies that we recruit into our community and also our old members. We thank you so much @ciska.

This is great...@steemalive is really making waves.
Congratulations to the SteemAlive community.

More wins!!!

#onepercent #nigeria