My supernatural memories when I was at sixteen

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As I belong to India our culture is quite different from that of western countries. I won't say I am something different but when I explored deep in my heart I found myself to be useless fellow in this entire universe. Yeah, I am saying this. I have solid reasons to say.

Since my childhood I have grown up in a family where mental, health and financial problems are always used to remain at peak. Moreover I am a person who hate mathematics subject.


My life at the age of 16 is the first chapter of a supernatural incident that happened with me back then and remaining chapters of the supernatural incident is still proceeding to completion. Probably you won't believe still your mind will validate this one often.

Anyway let's start it.

As I mentioned our culture is not synonymous with that of Western so there is no chance of love story. Moreover in my class there were no such girls of my type that I can claim that I had ever loved. I respect my mom no less than my God because she did countless sacrifice for me till this date.


In India, I belong to a lower middle class priest family ( Brahman) Hinduism.
Hinduism (sanatan dharam) taught to respect every creature equally. So, I don't know how and why this happened. I still feel an immense attachment with Lord Shiva Shankar.

From childhood onwards we used to go to the temple. I used to a worship Lord Shiva.

One day a desire arouses in my heart and that was to see Lord Shiva. Yeah, you heard it true. Also like everyone I had doubt about existence of any Almighty God.

So, whenever I got free time I used to chant his spell.
That's "Om namah Shivay" (It is in Sanskrit)

From 6th standard now I was in 10th at the age of 16.
It mean four continuous year what I did equally was study and chanting of shiva mantra ( spell) and that was my everyday routine.
My every free moment was dedicated in chanting that spell.


Nothing happened. Now I was in standard tenth. As per government norms, here it's mandatory for every fellow of 10th standard to give a special exam called as CBSE Board examination. And now it was my turn.

Like in every school my class was full of bad boys. To be honest, bad boys were not so much problematic as the good one. I am saying because they are bad they had a bad personality but so called good fellow were a fox in the face of Goat.

In sooth, I never had so much problem with bad boys yet I used to fear from them but I never let my face show up.

This didn't meant they were good. They were at least fox in the face of fox. Anyways.


None of them were good.
They used to come near me and tease me unnecessarily. This incident lowered my self confidence. Being devoted to God. I decided to stay quit.

One day there happened an incident with me. I had a habit that at mid night whenever I went to toilet I never press on the light switch. There were two reasons. I didn't wanted my sleep to get affected and second a dim light always used to come from Neighbour house.

The place where I used to live in share it's bathroom and toilet with two family and both toilet and bathrooms were outside our flatflat below the open sky.

I saw a shadow who appear exactly similar to that of in body shape. It was stagnant for a while and then it ran past me. I was very frightened.


As the light source was too far and anything near source of light appears bigger. It was similar to me and think no kid will awaken at 2 pm and if so not on the roof top for sure.

Like everyone I also thought this as hallucination and return back to my bed. In the same night I started shivering. My parents awoke and then they put on blanket after blankets on me. There was not any proper time at which you could expect this to happen. It used to come anytime. My eyes were turned red. Without any fever any disease my health was deteriorating.

There were no explanation why that was happening even doctors were speechless. I was continuously in touch with medical professionals and now there were only 1 month left for examination.

One day I was very frustrated. The shivering was terrible. I gave up my desire to meet the God. My hope totally vanished.


I told in my mind in looking in front of God's Idol that there's no God. It looks my end is near. There is no one creator nor anyone who cares fellow like me. After wasting 3 years I came up with this conclusion.

I thought, "All those stories were carved by writers just as a purpose of entertainment. The personalities in Hinduism who could do everything and are sarvaya( one who knows everything) are just fiction or even if there's any God or Angel he is definitely not interested in my devotion".

On the same night, Lord Shiva came in my dream. I can't explain I subconsciously visited 11 temple Jyotirlinga in my dream within a fraction of moment. After everything ends I found myself in a desert sitting in front of black Shiva Linga. A white light arouses from that Shiva Linga and took form of Mahadev Shiv.

The Lord said that you were definitely going to die. I saved you son but remember this will affect you somewhere for sure. What he was saying I understand now.

Meanwhile the thing a noticed in his eyes was equality for every creature. Where everyone was demotivating for exam Lord encouraged me to work hard. By thinking that my Lord 's will I work hard in that one month. I manage to secure 90% in my examination.

It was the first time I realize we believe in miracle and miracle believe in hard work. That's all for today's post!

Thanks !


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I have read your post and thank you for sharing. It was a nice story about your faith and it was realized.

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I hope after the exam everything is fine... Do you still encounter the shivering thing?

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Thanks for reading and comment. Shivering things gone but I have got a permanent ligament injury and meniscus tear still suffering from ita pain and hypertension too. 6 years have passed that's now in a bit control now. I was never good in maths unlike you teacher.

Thanks gentleman for reply. Sorry for trouble! @jobreyes24

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