100 DAYS OF STEEM: Day 71 - Friday Challenge - Find A Local Charity - Dialogue #1 A visual Story (20 Photos)


Generally speaking as a photographer I'm not really involved in any kind of most common charities like helping animals, etc. But obviously there are some other types with which we are stumbling much rare in our life, namely with organisations helping people with various mental and health disabilities

And about one year ago I was involved in a very interesting project involving such kind of people.

Initial steemit posts with all the information about you still can find here Author's exhibition "Dialogue #1" opening and Dialogue #1 - 21 photo from Author's Exhibition

Just shortly to repeat some basic essential information


A socio-cultural initiative at Apeironas Theater premises in Klaipeda. The six-day theatrical workshop brought together three different groups: young people with intellectual disabilities, youth from Klaipeda and theater professionals for joint creative and educational work. Both directors and actresses worked with youth from Disability Centers on principles of psychological and social theater exercises.


And finally after 9 months the official video form this projects was finally released to all the public

Just please note its only in Lithuanian language and subtitles, but you can see theatrical processes in motion

Basically Apeiron Theater itself maybe considered as Charity as non-commercial organisation and those people really working almost without any support from local authorities since bringing out very sharp social themes about present community problems and government


The center for the people with various disabilities "Klaipedos Lakstute" OFFICIAL SITE

Just to mention that DIALOGUE #2 project is scheduled to happen in a few months from now and really waiting for another amazing experience

Finally to complete this presentation, here are another set of photos from DIALOGUE #1 not published earlier




















That all for today and see you next time!


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You are absolutely right. Often when we look at supporting charities, most attention goes to tangible and the most obvious problems in the world. Mental issues are often overlooked because its a smaller percentage of the population with that issue. The story in images touched me, as you can see the joy in the faces of those people when they are put in the spotlight and get a purpose. A noble cause and thanks for sharing!

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Was really amazing experience to deal this those people. They were so much happy about everything happening around them :)

The shorts are catchy... stay awesome

Thanks and will try :D

Very interesting brother, and it is true that you are only a photographer, the photos were very great.

Thank You!

Здравствуйте! Фотографии очень потрясающие и эмоциональные...И люди на них такие пластичные...Отличный репортаж!

Nepovtorimiy opyt, eto da :)

 last year 

Thank you for taking part in the latest 100 Days of Steem Challenge.

Do you think Apeironas Theater / Klaipedos Lakstute might be interested in having a steem account so that they might raise money and support here?

The Steemit Team

That is good question. Will try to approach Apeironas when meet then in person next time, maybe in a short time lets hope )

Was really amazing experience to deal this those people. They were so much happy about everything happening around them :)

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