Gone Missing | Prompt A Day

Image by Karsten Paulick from Pixabay

Fiction prompt by @shadowspub

Thunder rattled outside, as Emily tossed and turned trying to sleep.

She found it hard to sleep, thinking of her missing pet Twilight. Her tiger-striped cat jumped off her arm and ran straight out the back door. She noticed he had been acting strange lately too. Now, she is worried he might be caught in a heavy downpour.

"Poor Twilight," Emily muttered. "I hope you'll be fine."

Still, sleep wouldn't come, so she decided to head out and look for Twilight. Donning on her jacket, in case it rains, she put on her comfy, reliable sneakers as she grabbed her emergency light from the tool cabinet and headed out in the dark.

"Where will I start looking?" Emily suddenly felt silly for leaving the comfort of her bed. She knew she had to look though, or she wouldn't be able to sleep at all. She was used to having Twilight around all the time. She couldn't bear the thought of something bad happening to her companion of three years.

"Let's do this," Emily told herself and started off.

The wind was blowing harder by every step. She was certain that it would soon rain hard. She had to hurry. Emily decided to follow Twilight's trail through her backyard. That was where she last saw him.

Thankfully, the street was well-lit by lamp posts. Some 100 meters farther down the street, she came by an abandoned tool shed -- at least, that's what it looked like to her. The broken door was slightly ajar. Although crazy, scary thoughts were going around in her head, Emily told herself she would be brave for Twilight.

A sudden flash of lightning illuminated the small shed and Emily thought she saw a glimpse of her beloved cat. Mustering enough courage, she widely opened the door and shone her emergency light inside. She then heard tiny meowing and decided to investigate further.

Lo and behold, there was her Twilight beside a white momma cat and her kittens. There were four -- one white, one Twilight junior, and two mixed patterns.

"Awww, Twilight! You didn't tell me you're a dada cat now!" Emily gushed at her discovery. "Let's take you all home before the rain sets in."

Gathering all the cats and kittens in an old worn box, Emily hastily set out for home. Big drops started falling as soon as she and the cats reached her porch.

"Whew! We made it home safely." Emily was just glad Twilight and his new family were safe at home with her. Tomorrow, she'll make an appointment at the vet and make provisions for her new family members. But tonight, she'll happily fall asleep.

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