Contest : STEM Diary Game | Week 3

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Zero to Infinity is a community-supportive initiative that aims to improve the quality and visibility of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) articles on Steemit. It's a community to "encourage all the STEM writers." We understand the fact that most people are influenced by STEM in their regular lifestyle but are not able to expressing their thoughts in the way our community wants.


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This is where Zero to Infinity comes up with a contest: launch a STEM Diary Game, in which participants share their lifestyles that are tied to STEM in some way. Many people have also requested that we start something where everyone can easily share STEM-related stuff, therefore this STEM Diary Game would be ideal for everyone.

The Content You Should in STEM Diary

This STEM Diary Game contrasts with traditional Steemit diary games in that there should be some guidelines for what you should share in these diaries. Any of the activities mentioned here can be shared with others.

Your activities involve anything related to Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Mathematics (STEM).

  • Your activities while you are in any working place relate to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)..
  • Your involvement in STEM projects.
  • Your activities while you are learning anything related to STEM.
  • Your activities while shopping for STEM-related equipment.
  • Try to be creative in your writing.
  • Minimum 250 words.

Title of the Diary Posts

We have decided to keep post titles uniform in the community. So, the STEM Diary Game should have a specific title format, which is shared below.

STEM Diary Game | Date | Any Text You Want to Add to Title

Example STEM Diary Game | 26 - 01- 2022 | Designing a Grocery List Generator in Excel

Tags to be used in Diary Posts

There are certain tags that you should use in your STEM Diary Game posts so we can spot them easily.

  1. #stem-diarygame

  2. #club5050 or #club75 or #club100 if you fulfill these clubs requirements

  3. #steemexclusive

  4. #yourcountryname (Example #bangladesh)

The Content You Can't Include in Your STEM Diary

As this STEM Diary Game is specific, there are certain things that should not be shared in these diaries. As the Zero to Infinity community is based on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, we only want STEM related stuff in the diary game and do not want to dilute our concept.

  • You cannot post about your cooking or eating routines.
  • You cannot post about your regular meetings or birthday celebrations.
  • You cannot post about your visits to parks, restaurants, or grocery stores etc.
  • You cannot post about anything that is not related to technology.

Rewards Pool for Top STEM Diaries

We have set a budget of 20 Liquid Steem Rewards Monthly for Tech Diary Game. We will be selecting Three Best Diary of the Week and distribute 5 Steem to the authors. So, give your best in the diaries and win decent rewards.

1st2.5 Steem
2nd1.5 Steem
3rd1 Steem

In addition to Liquid Steem rewards, we will be giving 100% upvote from @zero-to-infinity, @steemitland and @tarpan account on top duality diary posts of the day.

We hope that all of your frequent participant in the contest result in more activity and engagement in the community. So let's get started guys...


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