Contest: Find the Best Bull-run Coin ( Week-7)

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Greetings, everyone! The seventh week of the Bullrun coin Contest has begun. You must write an article predicting which cryptocurrency will have the biggest bull run in the following five days. Tell us more about it, including how that currency is used. What about it entices you to believe it will pump?

Prize Pool

1st2.5 steem
2nd1.5 steem
3rd1 steem



  • Only one entry is allowed.
  • Post can be in ANY language.
  • Add #bullrun in the 5 hashtags.
  • You have to chose 1 cryptocurrency and share details about it.
  • You have to share the use case of that cryptocurrency and why you think it will pump.
  • The Title of your post must be "My Bull Coin of the Week: Coin Name". Example: "My Bull Coin of the Week: STEEM"
  • The contest is open for the entire STEEMIT community.
  • Entry must be your own original work - NO PLAGIARISM.
  • Entry must be through the Zero to Infinity Community.
  • You must submit your entry post link below this post's comment section.



This contest will Run for 5 Days(11:59 utc time 18/11/2021), results will be announced After the payout of this Current post.

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