My Bull Coin of the Week:Tether(USDB)

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Hello to everyone in zero to infinity community and other communities around the world.It is yet another week and a great contest organized by @tarpan. And I am very happy to take part in this great contest. The best bullrun coin I am to talk about is Tether (USDB) coin.


Tether (USDB) is a stable-value cryptocurrency that mirrors the price of the USD, issued by Hong Kong base base Tether. Tether does not have its own blockchain, instead it operates as a second-layer token on top of other cryptocurrencies blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum,EOS,Trons,Algorand, Bitcoin cash and OMG, and is secured by their respective hashing algorithms.source.

Tether is a cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited, which turn is control by the owners of Bitfinex. It is called a stable coin because was originally design to always be worth US$1.00, maintaining$1.00 in reserve for each Tether issued. From market cap the value of Tether is $69.43 billion.

Tether is the third-biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market value. It may not be the right as a cryptocurrency investment,but it can be used for several things.

1 Purchasing other cryptocurrencies.
2 Earning interest.

From, about $31 million of Tether was stolen by hackers in 2017,so it forces Tether to create a hard fork.
As of September 2020, there are over 14.4 billion USDT tokens in circulation,which are backed by $14.6 billion in assets, according to Tether.

Below are some platforms and their Tether interest rates.


Some key points about Tether.source.

1 Some investors believe a loss of confidence in Tether could be crypto's "black swan" an unpredictable event that would severely impact the market.
2 Tether is the third-biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market value. And it got some economist__ including an official at the Federal Reserve __ worried.

The statistics of Tether.


Thank you for your time and attention.



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