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Last night I sleep very late after curating some steemit account.So I was sure and expected I would sleep at-least 7 hours. But My mother calling at 9:30 to wake up and eat something because yesterday I fasting all day. I feel very annoyed but I woke up and ate a little and had a bad conversation with my family. Then I again laid down on my bed and sleep until 12:30 pm.


My launch

This time I brushed my teeth and also took my shower.After finishing my shower I see some notification from Facebook.Then I ate my launch.Today is vegetable because yesterday was ou Lord Krishna's Birthday. Mash edible root,mix vegetable,rice and also lentil was included in my meal.

At 2:00 pm after finishing my meal I started watching my favourite drama serial Radha Krishna. Recently radha feeling jealous with Krishna. Because she loved Krishna so much. Today Krishna make fun of this thing.He saved the life of Radha's cousin sister from an accident and help her to relief the pain. Radha didn't take it easy and she's feeling jealous of her cousin.

At 2:30 pm after finishing the drama I start reading the latest blog of steemitblog. Some new representative recruited and a new initiative had announced in that blog. I congratulate all the newly recruited representative.

Next I started reading early 6 days diary post from our country. In the mean time I got a phone a phone call from my steemit friend. We talked how we can motivate our community member and how we can developed our community.



After finishing the conversation I concentrated on the diary post. At 6:30 I went outside and had a little walk. After finishing my walk in the evening I went back home. I clean my face, hand and foot with water. Next I ate some snacks and started reading diary post. Day by day diary post are increasing. A lot of people from our country has already participate in this game. At 10:30 pm I ate dinner. Bread and Mix Vegetable. Than I have long time phone conversation with one of my friend. After that I started writing my diary blog.
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Woaw, you guys use tray to eat, we in nigeria we use plates like smaller tray.

Can you actually finish that whole tray of rice?.
Your bread is flat while our bread is high, it not flat.
Can you tell me some ospicioud things that happens during Lord Krishna's Birthday. Thank you

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 last month (edited)

Hi @lovveday!

Actually it's not tray, it's steel plate.
Yes, I finish all the rice.
Because this bread is made of with only flour, no other thing is added.
You can see here how we made it,

Did you mean auspicious?
It will be very hard for me to describe the whole thing about him. All I say he comes to the earth to save good from the evil.
I will suggest to follow this link to know him,
About Krishna


If you wish to know more I will suggest you to read this book,
Bhagvad Gita As It Is English New Edition

Nicely said. I will sure to go through this load of information. Thank you

এটা আমাদের বাংলাদেশের খুবই জনপ্রিয় একটা খাবার এবং এটা খুবই পুষ্টিকর একটা খাবার। আমি নিজেও একবার টা খুব পছন্দ করি । আমার মনে হয় আপনি এত সুন্দর পোস্টটি টুইটারে শেয়ার করবার কথা ভুলে গেছেন

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 last month 

Thanks. I really forgot to share on twitter.

Nice post. Bread and vegetables are my favorite foods. I thank you for sharing such a beautiful post with us.
#onepercent #bangladesh

 last month 


 last month 

Vatija ki khali kawar upore thakish naki 😂😂

 last month 

Jibone ar ki ace. 😁 😆

tor phone bondho chilo kan.

good morning bro... hope you are well... the food was very healthy.


 last month 

Good afternoon. ☺️

Sleep keeps the body strong. Reduces stress, gives the energy to work again. At least seven to eight hours of sleep is required. A friend of mine likes your favourite drama serial Radha Krishna a lot and watches every episode regularly. Inspired by you, I am posting regular diaries. Already a few of my friends have joined the steemit. Thanks to @steemitblog for giving this opportunity.

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The Steemit Team

Nice post vai

Very very nice post vai

Nice Dairy . Have a Good day .
Bread and vegetables are my favorite foods that I eat almost every day.You're working hard for Steemit .

Thank you


 last month 

I thought you like chicken and bread most. 😀 😃

 last month (edited)

some thing for me?

nice to see you bro

#onepercent #bangladesh

 last month 

KI something vie?

Very nice

I guess if someone is sound asleep there's no need to wake up and eat.
You like watching drama/soap-series? I gave up on watching tv a long time ago. With us it is mainly commercials, 10 minutes tv show/film and commercials again. Hard to concentrate on what you are watching.

I never understood the fun of Facebook and cannot remember the last time I used mine 🤔

I wish you a great day ahead.

Greetings Kitty Wu


 last month (edited)

I was drama 30 minutes everyday. Because It's my favourite drama.
We use Facebook, Because most of the people of our country get use to with it. It's only social platform which our people adapt easily.

I think Facebook is adapted worldwide easily. It's just not the place for me. I never met anyone there and with family and friends I have contact in different ways. Enjoy your drama.

 last month 

In my point of view, Facebook connect more people , but it less professional.

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