THE DIARY GAME : 10/08/2020|| Rainy day

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Today morning started by hearing the sweet loud of mother. She's calling,"woke up it already 8 am o'clock".I woke up and went on the roof. The sky was a little of cloudy and the hit of sun is not much like yesterday. So the weather was cool. Than I brushed my teeth and clean my face very well. Today my mother cooked egg mixed vegetable, meat and rice for the breakfast.I eat this with my mother.


Cloudy morning Sky

As you know because of Covid-19 all the educational institution of our country closed the physical classes. So, I don't have that much pressure of study. I went with our two little twin neighbor boy. We walk in our locality and spend some time with fun.

Then we play free fire game. I love this mobile game. I played this game around two ours. Then the rain started dropping from the sky and we came back.

After getting into the home I changed my wet clothes and started watching TV. I watched an family animation movie named__Ice Age (2002)__ . This is very funny, specially the character of Sid. It was telecasting by Starmovies channel.

At 1:20 pm after finishing the movie I bathed for 30 minutes. I also cleaned my dirty clothes. Then I hanged them in the rooftop because the rain has stopped.


Hanging the wet clothes

My mother cooked meat fry soup, Mash potato , lentil and rice for the Launch. In the mean time my father just came home after finishing his official work. today I ate the launch alone.

Then I took a little nap.After woke up I saw the rain has come again. The I freshened myself and enjoy a cup of tea.I felt the weather was perfect to eat peanut and Muri.


Variety Store

In the evening at 6:50 pm I went to the mosque to take my prayer to Allah.I went to a variety store shop after finishing my prayer. I bought a small sponge cake from that shop and came back home. Now I am maintaining regular diary. Thanks for reading this blog.


আমার আম্মু এভাবেই সকালে তারাতারি ঘুম থেকে ওঠার জন্য।
সকালের আকাশে মেঘ থাকলেও দেখতে বেশ সুন্দর লাগতেছে।

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Fantastic photography @tapu333 vae

 2 months ago 

I love you first picture bro.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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