Steem-Bangladesh Contest : Diary Game/10 Pics/Betterlife

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Hello Everyone,

As you know we announced some changes in top post selection. We added 3 topics, Diary Game/10 Pics/Betterlife. So we are going to start from today. You can post any one from these three topics. We will select top 5 posts from this topic. Hope everyone will do their best.


Diary Game/10 Pics/Betterlife


  • You have to comment your post link in this post.

  • For Diary Game and Betterlife post minimum 300 words required.

  • For 10 Pics post make a post with up to 10 photos that you have taken of any place, building or location from your area with location.

  • For 10 Pics post the photographs don't need to be of famous buildings or tourist locations. They can be of anything - shops, streets, factories, parks, factories, temples, cinemas, schools...

  • In case of 10 Pics post if you want to include a few words of added description that is fine.

  • Every photograph must have a caption to say what and where it is.

  • Each photograph must be geo-located using either Google Plus Codes or What3Words, or ideally both.

  • Post must be original.

  • Must post before 8.59 PM on 13th October. Posting after 8.59 PM will not be granted

  • Everyone has to pay 18% beneficiaries in @steem-bangladesh community account and 2% beneficiaries @bd-charity account

You have to use these tags

Diarygame#thediarygame; #betterlife; #steemexclusive and #steem-bangladesh
10 Pics#mytown10pics; #steemexclusive and #steem-bangladesh
Betterlife#betterlife; #steemexclusive and #steem-bangladesh


1-5Support from Booming

The rest of the accounts will be voted on the @steem-bangladesh community account and @steemcurator07 account

Post Courtesy : @Sobuj28



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