600 STEEM biggest prize pool contest Announcement. In search of content creators

in Steem Bangladesh4 years ago (edited)

How are you all? I will announce a new contest very briefly. We, all the members of the steem-bangladesh team, are constantly trying to present Bangladesh in a standard way. This is definitely good for steemit platforms. We try and work hard, going on and going on.


Our main goal is to find good quality content creators. So that in future many good quality content creators can work on this platform in our Bangladesh. They will be able to represent our Bangladesh. A good quality content is much better for a platform. So we try our best to create content creators. You know we gave a giveaway contest a few days ago. We got 150+ entries there. We made almost everyone happy. And I want to thank @steemcurator01. He supported us in the contest


Our plan is long term. Different types of contests will be conducted for a long time.We hope to be able to bring out a lot of different content creators through this contest. We have a contest plan for this purpose. We, the Steem Bangladesh team, have decided that the prize of 600 steem will be given through a series of contests. There are currently a lot of new users on this platform from whom it is very important for us to find a good quality content creator.

Stay tuned. The first post of our contest is coming soon. Are you ready? The first contest will be posted within 6 hours.


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Wow 600 steem, that's a lot.

Waiting for this .
Can't be able to wait more 6 hours.
Thanks for everything

Thanks For Your Feedback 💖

Brother made a very nice decision. Many new Steem users will feel comfortable working through this contest. This contest is an inspiration for everyone, including new users. Thank you for making such a beautiful decision

Yeas. We think soo

It is very important to have such a contest to move forward in our community.
Thanks to the @steembanglades

I can't wait for 6 hour more

 4 years ago 

It is a very nice dicesion. Thanks for #steembangladesh

 4 years ago 

600 steem is a big amount.
Can't wait anymore.
Good decision

 4 years ago 

It's really helpful for new commerce.
They're encourage to working with steemit.
I also eagerly waiting for the contest.

 4 years ago 

600 steem is a big amount.it is a nice dicesion.thanks for# steembangladesh

it's a great decision.

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