1000 DAYS OF STEEM— THE DIARY GAME : 08/08/2020.. Making Toutorial and Spend Busy Time

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Hello everyone

Today I'm spending very busy time and also very bad time. because today my father invite some people and they are our relatives. so, you know, it was very busy time because I have to do many work for them , as shopping and others work but there is also a big problem that, yesterday night I didn't sleep. because of load shedding and it was too big problem for us. because the weather is too hot and for this I couldn't sleep and you know that it was very bad When you are trying to sleep but you can't.



Well, let's talk about morning. because I wasn’t sleep at night and I am wake up early .
Because I wasn't sleep yesterday and my mind is not fresh at this morning, but I have nothing to do I was just go to bathroom and fresh and after this just complete my breakfast a. after this I was go to market. Well, it was very difficult work because I am not sleeping but I have nothing to do and I have to go market for our daily necessary and order relatives are coming our home. So I have too much work and as shopping for them. By the way, I am just going to market with this condition and have a look at this market condition. This market is quite very crowded and it was very difficult because today weather is very hot and you know that in hot weather I have nothing to do I am just walking on middle of the market and everyone is trying to escape The Sun. because it was too hot . OK then I am just trying to buy something for our guest.


Well, I am trying to complete my shopping as soon as possible. after completing my shopping I am back to home. when I am trying to back home this situation was not very good because this is a big vehicle , this vehicle was crossing the road and at this time this just hit a small rickshaw. And this is small Raksha is just band . in this situation. There was a traffic jam in this road. So I have nothing to do I am just waiting to free the road and after some moment this road was free. And then I am just crossing the road and back to my home . after back to home, I am just seeing that our relatives are already to home . So I have mony work for them. in this time My family is already complete all kinds of Woork . so I am free this time and I am just going to bathroom and just complete my bath .


At first I am just complete my lunch and you know that after complete my lunch. I am free. then I am thinking how to make a tutorial video for new users. why I am trying to make it tutorial? how to work in Steemit.com.? because this is very important and there are too many new users , they are always trying to say and always us that how to work in this site and platform and they don't understand #thediarygame rules . some of them are trying to make blogs, but they make some mistake. So I am thinking it's good situation to make a blog and tutorial , this will help user to write blogs properly.

My friend to @toufiq777 also asked me to make a tutorial video for this new commerce. And so I am just free and I am thinking to make a video tutorial for them . then I am starting my work. Well, you know that making a tutorial video is not easy work. It was too difficult. because there is internet problem always in my house. So it's also very difficult work for me. So I am starting this work with my laptop and then I am just making a tutorial video for them. I am attach how to login, how to connect with a community and specially steam Bangladesh community, how to post in #thediarygame, how to use tag In #thediarygame, how to make a title . I am describing everything in this video and I am attach this with my blog you can see here.


I am just completed this making video tutorial and editing this video then it was almost late afternoon. I have some work in the field. So I am just going out with my friend and then I am just take natural fresh air and then back to home.



its our daily work to stay Drawing room and then taking some tea and some snacks and talking with family members watching TV . it's our daily work in evening and I am just complete this job and enjoy some moment with my family, talking everyone with family with various topics and then I am back to my room. then start working on steemit.com and you know that after working in steemit.com and also in Facebook and other social website visiting then it was almost night and then complete my dinner and then it was time to sleep...

Thanks to @steemitblog For this extraordinary contest

Thanks for your time

You Can find me in





Discord : #ridoykhan22#0033


 2 months ago 

Thanks bro for spending your precious time for steemit. In fact, new users are joining every day. It took a lot of time for me or our community members to understand them. Now, I will share your video with everyone. will enter the new steemit.

I respect your work You have done a great job

thank you bro. its my duty to steem

Nice post ever..you are amazing blog writer..carry on brothet

thank you

I Read your full post and also watched this your video tutorial. Your tutorial has been very nice but you have been getting a lot from Noise. I was having a hard time understanding your words because of this noise. Moreover Your post and your video have very nice. The rules you say #thediarygame will benefit newcomers user. We hope that newcomers will get more tutorials like this from you. And it will help them a lot to work.

I Am suggesting to you as a member of the community. In the next post you must make a video about the community discord Details . This will benefit the newcomers a lot. Many new users do not know how to login and use Discord. How to chat. How to do voice chat. Or how to upload profile pictures.

I Read your activities today. And I see you spend the evening the way you do. I make time for everyone in the family, play sports in the afternoon, watch TV, have some breakfast in the evening, and work at night. My activities are almost the same.
Thanks for your blog. Thanks a lot especially for your video tutorials.

welcome bro

Thank you so much for creating the tutorial for the newcomers because we have just joined Steam. I don't know the rules of how to work well yet.I understood a lot by watching your video and reading your post.

welcome. lets do it

Brother, I support your initiative. There are many new users. They still can't run the ID. This means that I will post it. I watched your video and posted it. It was great. Thank you for the tutorial.

thank you

Brother, your Tutorial has become very beautiful. Through this tutorial of yours, we have easily understood the thing. Many of us who are new to it have not understood what is the dairygame. The way you have created Tutorial, we can easily understand it. I can do it.Thank you so much for creating this tutorial.Hope you will always be by the side of the newcomers and help us move forward

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

Keep following @steemitblog for the latest updates.

The Steemit Team

Great video tutorial.

thank you

 last month (edited)

early to bed and early makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. By the way tutorial was awesome...one suggestion try to put English subtitle so that international viewers also can understand the video...


yeah bro. bt this video is specially for bangladeshi new user. thanks for your time.

Early in the morning is good for health. So i wish that you always get up early in the morning.

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