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RE: Notification - DO NOT CLICK THE LINK

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Since I was one of the victims, I was wondering... could you donate some of the money from this post to help me recover some funds? It isn't fair that you make $145 off of news about how everyone lost their money in a ruthless scam. Please seriously think about it.

 last month 

Maybe many people have entered the link without realizing it. Their steem has been hacked. But my purpose in doing this post was to warn people. Maybe many people have been careful after seeing my post. The hackers have made that plan. This allows many to really think about it and fall into their trap. Because the current owner of steemit is justin sun. And 'JST' is his new Coin. So, I made people aware in advance.

And you may not have noticed well. This post has 100% power up. The whole part will be added to the steempower. And I don't have steem in my wallet that I can donate to people.

Well next time, don't try to make money off of other people's unfortune

 last month 

I was not making money on purpose. I just made people aware.

I was not making
Money on purpose. I just
Made people aware.

                 - toufiq777

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Next time, pay attention to the links you clicked.

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