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How is everyone? Hope everybody is well? I'm fine. Yesterday I met some of my closest friends who have been involved with steemit for a long time. Since Steem is new, I thought I would meet people who are experienced and who can move experiences forward. It was a truly impossibly beautiful day. We all had a lot of fun, gained a lot of experience, learned a lot and shared a lot with everyone.

At first we started with the identity of everyone. We've all talked about everyone's experiences and learned a lot about how to post better, how to enrich Steemit and how we can better express our creativity. We have planned how to establish steemit as a rich medium.


I have some friends who have been involved with steemit for a long time. They know a lot about steemit. They have a lot of experience on this platform they have shared with us how they have been associated with Steemit for so many years they have built their communities how they have built different types of communities and what kind of planning they have ahead they have told us and I Talking to them, I realized that I have to show some creativity and build up the communities very well and strengthen the communication with everyone. Then Steam will be very mature in my place.


We all live in Dhaka, Bangladesh, so we all met in a beautiful place in Dhaka. Many of them were present in our auditorium and I would like to mention their names. They are @frecs, @benuu, @michaelisikoff, @delowarr, @sharifitexpert, @apabel and many more. We all felt that this meeting was very useful for all of us. It was very important for all of us. We will try our best to meet again the next day and share our experiences with everyone.

In my speech I world like to call all of them to prepare for an active participation in the forth coming diary game season 2 as we all need to make some great points while working towards achieving the 8000 steem prize that has been offered by the steemit team @steemitblog @steemcurator01.


Finally, I would like to say to everyone that a platform like Steemit, which I have never really seen before, is a very beautiful platform where everyone can express their creativity. Steemit is a place where all users are much safer. My idea is that it is almost impossible to hack or destroy a user ID here, which is actually a very sophisticated security system.

This post is original content created by @gorllara and published on the Steem blockchain on July 29, 2020.

I hope you like it and support me for my next post.

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Sister or brother, don't talk to us first. You will do a meet-up post in this community. Of course, I should have talked to the mod, admin. Why are you making this mistake?

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Can i edit it?

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No, You first posted today. You haven't done any other posts before. Why the first post meet-up? What is your purpose before?

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I have no video. I have lots of post to others community.

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Why you mute my post? what the reason?

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Sorry, contract with my discord channel please

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I can't find any thing to above your discord link.

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INSHA ALLAH Start work, post from the community of Bangladesh. Since you are Bangladeshi. And I want you to join us in the second session from August 1. And try to post regularly. Best of luck

Have a great day

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Thank you @toufiq777 for support me . I hope you always with me to make a good post. Steem Bangladesh is Excellent community i am so excited to post this community .

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I am always support you and your group member. First of all those of your friends who are new. Ask them to post Introduceyourself.

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