REFERRAL BONUS - Recruit New Musicians and Artists for MUSIC FOR STEEM 🎶 + LEADERBORD

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Hi Music Fans!

Let's recruit some new musicians and music fans to Steemit! We would love to ask you to go and actively recruit new singers, musicians, schools, choirs, basically ANYONE who makes music.

To incentivize you, there will be upvotes between 35% - 100% from @steemcurator02 (500K STEEM POWER) for Steemians that recruit musicians and singers that participate in Music For Steem!



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How Does It Work?

  1. Ask around! Promote Music For Steem with your friends and network
  2. If they do not have an account yet, they can get a free one now
  3. When they record a song for Music For Steem - They need to mention your username as the referrer.
  4. They get a guaranteed upvote
  5. You get a bonus upvote - Range 35% to 100%

Ask anyone you know that sings or makes music to join Steemit. Every new person that wants to join Steemit, can now get an INSTANT account. Check

Users that need more STEEM POWER to make more posts or comments, we can DELEGATE STEEM POWER to their account until they have enough to sustain themselves.


We will be tracking referrers and referrals. At 31 July, the users that brought the most artists and music fans to Steemit, will get 2 extra 100% upvotes from @steemcurator02 + STEEM from @musicforsteem!

Happy recruiting!

This is a series 1 of 11 updates the coming days!

  1. Referral bonus!
  2. We are Hiring social media specialists
  3. Team Music For Steem
  4. The Jury
  5. New curators
  6. How to make a better video
  7. How to update your videos and post for Google Search
  8. Request your song
  9. Sing a song from an other artist
  10. Daily music tasks
  11. Song reviews




Delegation links for @Musicforsteem

Enlaces para delegar a @MusicForSteem


After clicking on the link, you must accept the amount of sp, and sign with your active private key and accept it. Remember to leave at least 50SP in your account.

Después de hacer clic en el enlace, deberás aceptar la cantidad de sp, a continuación ingresa tu nombre de usuario de steemit y tu clave activa privada y dale aceptar. Recuerde dejar al menos 50SP en tu cuenta.

Curation trail.png

You can follow our trail here and set your vote in the curation trail category. Help us to curate content that deserves to be recognized and valued by all.

Puedes seguir nuestro trail aquí y configurar tu voto en la categoría curation trail. Ayúdanos a curar contenido que merece ser reconocido y valorado por todos.

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 last year (edited)

I present to you my first Recruit: @betzaelcorvo.

A great friend with whom I formed a Rock 'n Roll band in the 90's.

cc: @ciska, @steemingcurators, @musicforsteem

Thanks a lot Juan! we votes your most recent post! Thank you and keep them coming! @steemingcurators

Thank you very much, friends.

@uwelang, might this be for you

I feel the same

Recomiendo unirse a @nahupuku. Buena iniciativa

graaacias! quiero!
I want it :D

Great initiative!
Congrats to The Music for Steem's Team.

This is the great idea for promoting the misic for contest.i will try my best.
Thanks for sharing great idea.

I was recruited by @fycee here and advised me to follow @musicforsteem.

Your referrer received his upvote to bring you to @musicforsteem!

Grateful for this! My Steemit journey is really getting joyful! I will also join or subscribe to the community if there is. More power!

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