🎵MUSIC FOR STEEM - Highlights of WEEK 14!

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Hi Friends & Fans!

What a joy to be back. Week 14 (last week) was a little different as usual due to personal circumstances. But the good news is that WEEK 15 already started and we are grateful to see that so many artists already posted their song for MFS Week 15!

Monday (next week), there WILL be a post with all the finalists and the community can vote again for their favorite singers! I wish we could give you guys an exact time schedule for the winners and finalists' posts, but that is simply impossible. Tuesday we announce the winner of Music For Steem Week 15!!

musicforsteem (2).png

In this post we like to highlight some performances of Week 14!


@esouthern3 & @cmp2020

Emma, Christopher. We wish you both a successful and joyful life, wherever it takes you. We will miss you.

Familia @diegopadilla

What a super catchy and fun performance! Thank you for bringing a big smile on our face!!


Another great song and got us moving. Thanks for such a happy perfomance!


Yeah, I used all possible compliments already :D. You are absolutely amazing and thanks for being here! India is proud


I think (just my opinion) this is your best performance so far. A rough diamond getting polished as weeks go by. Exciting!


Gosh I think a LOT of people want to be able to play guitar like that. + You sing fabulous sir. Amazing


We are a fan, no doubt about that. You caught the high notes very well! Muchisimas gracias chica

There is no voting round in Week 14, but we are eager to find out which songs did you like the most?! Let us know in the comments below! Smash the like button and please subscribe if you haven't done that already.

See and hear you, in WEEK 15 (now basically)

With love,

Team MFS


Hi all. I wanted to publicly thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout my time submitting to Music For Steem. I greatly apologize for not actively acknowledging your kind words and support before. I truly appreciate how this community has lifted me up with its kindness. Thank you all for watching my videos with Christopher and for voting. I am sorry for my apparent lack of interest. Everyone who submits to Music For Steem is incredibly talented, and it's amazing to see so many people from such diverse backgrounds gather together to share music. I do not know what my future holds in terms of Music For Steem, but I wanted to acknowledge, thank, and apologize to everyone in this community. I truly do appreciate everything. Keep inspiring one another!

You are extremely tallented ; hence desire to be encouraged!!

I desire to see you among then next!

Hi babe do not worry at all! No hard feelings over here, only sadness out of selfishness. Music speaks louder then words and we could tell you enjoyed it!

When our roads have to cross again, they will. Until that time, we wish you the very best!
Thank you for the music 🎶

A hug
Team MFS

@esouthern3 Talent have no boundaries dear and the ones who support and uplift talents are the true heroes of our society. Keep up the good work, never give up on your passion. Money can be earned anywhere but the content & happiness that you'll get from following and living your passion is is some out of the world joy. ✌🏼My support is always there for you friend. 👍

I am very impressive with your useful and informative posts

yay! good to see @musicforsteem coming back kick in 😊

Not going anywhere soon :) There are still about 940 days in the 1000daysofsteem XX

Hey wow what an amazing performance from everyone, I loved each and every video. Congratulations to the participants! Now @musicforesteem, I want to participate in week 15, how am I going to participate? It would be great if you could tell me the steps to take to participate. Regards!.

Te apoyo... También deseo saber...

Hi you need to upload a live recording of you performing. What you need to say in the video is clear when you watch others. Then post it on Steemit #musicforsteem or in the community. If you do that, trust me we will find you :D Goodluck and see you soon

Aunque todas las actuaciones están geniales y algunas muy divertidas e inspiradoras, me inclino por el venezolano @diegopadilla! La pulga y el piojo es una de las canciones de nuestro folklore y habla de los sinsabores que tiene que pasar estos dos animalitos para poder casarse. Esta pieza musical no solo se escucha en los actos folklóricos del país, también en las escuela y eventos culturales. Sin mencionar, que el que toda la familia haya participado es meritorio de reconocimiento. Me parece genial. Aplausos

Thanks gorgeous! We are also glad to get to know Venezuelan folk music. We are waiting for you song :D

Gracias guapa

My support @roy.sajib and @rajib833

Thanks for the support!!

@isha.ish, She's a sweet voice.
@rajib833 & @roy.sajib music was very cool.
I didn't understand the language of @artemis20 but the music and rhythm was outstanding.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo! 💫❤

you music was beautiful😊❤

Isha has that for sure!! The Bangla Boys are doing amazing. Thanksss

Our boys are doing great. There was a time Both of them use to be a band member.

Vote for @isha.ish

Thanks for support!

i have a Question

can a person send a Clip in any languages?

Can we post our entry for week 15 now sorry I am again confused.

Absolutely, let it all out!!

On the way 😆

They all performed well.. my vote goes for @roy.sajib

Thanks for voting!

Quiero felicitar a todos los participantes de la semana #14, todos lo hicieron bien, l a música es el lenguaje universal y poder unirnos en ella es lo que más se disfruta, cada uno de nosotros tiene un talento y ese talento nos hace brillar por naturaleza, poder esparcir ese talento en concursos como "Music For Steem" nos hace crecer y aprender mucho más de la música. Saludo con cariño para todos. 😘😘😘😘 Felicidades.

Gracias cariño

Todos muy excelente a pesar de la diferencias en el idioma pero me inclino por @diegopadilla

Everyone sang very beautifully! Well done!

Some also play instrument




so b ready... someone coming from me. in other langue

i have QUESTION.
how we can participate in @musicforsteem

Check the video's that are trending and what they say in the beginning of the recording. It can be any type of music as long as you perfom it!

My vote is for @roy.sajib Great work bro.

Thanks a lot bro ❤️

You really have a beautiful voice.

What a joy to have you back ❤️


Everyone sang very well. Best of luck to everyone.

Pls am new here
How do i gain influence and make people see my posts?🙏

Engage engage engage

OMG guys ! I enjoyed all the videos this is so perfect !! i really want to participate tbh but im not that good.. anyways good luck to everybody <3

Thanks and good luck, maybe later :D

excelentes interpretaciones! todo un deleite para el oído! un abrazo a todos!

Gracias! Abrazo

@isha.ish voice is very beautiful. My support @isha.ish and @rajib833

you people are awesome, extremely awesome. Just go on ... please, Rock ... !!!


I will drop my own creative song. I like playing Guitar

Awesome, cant wait!

Until when do I have time to send the video of week 15? It's too late?

You can now join week 16!

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