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Assalam.O.Alaikum! Dear stemians:
I hope you are all fine and doing well with the grace of Allah Almighty who is the most beneficial and merciful to us. Friends in my previous post i got a comment to set 20 percent beneficiary to @steemit-pak to get better support. So therefore now i set the 20 percent beneficiary to @steemit-pak to get better support. Today I am going to share my diary post. Friends i feel very happy to share my diary game and routine work with you. Friends as you know now i am a government employee so that i want to became punctual. Almost daily i go on my duty in depalpur city so this diary game is about my routine work in my office so lets disscuss.



I got up early in the morning and make ablution.I say my fajar prayer in the morning time and then recite the holy Qur'an for a while. Because it become my habbit to recite the holy Qur'an daily . After this I go out for a walk towards greeny fields of my village. There is a big park near my village. So it is my daily priority to go in the park for a little walk. There are many beautiful flowers in the park. The fragranse of these flowers makes mind of me very charming and enjoyful.


This is my daily routine when i fo for a walk i smell a flower for a minute and enjoy the scene and its charming fragrance.


After morning walk I came back to home and my mother gave me breakfast. After my breakfast i also eat an apple daily. Then i went near the fridge and take an lovely apple. The apple was red and sweat. Apple is my favourite fruit.


Going to office:

After my breakfast i say to my father that i am going to my office. After telling them i go at the road. After 10 minutes a bus came and sit in this bus. The bus running at the road at very high speed.

Suddenly i feel the smell of fire. I say to bus driver to stop the bus. The bus driver stops the bus at the left side of the road. When all the passengers came out the bus the tyre was burning with fire. The burning of tyre and its fragrance was all around of us and the tyre was completely seperate from the bus. All the passengers were afraid to see the situation. They all thanks to Allah Almighty that all the passengers were safe.



Reached at Office :

Today i was so late from office. Then i decide to take lift to reach in my office. I take lift and reached in my office. All my colleagues were present in the office. I tell them all my today's journey and reason of late.



Now at afternoon i was get tired from the work of office and i was feeling very hungry now. Then we call our office boy and send him to bazaar to take something to eat. He go to bazaar to and take "Kari Pakora" . After eating we take tea.

After that i was in my office and suddenly my best friend @hamidsaqi came in my office and asked to my that you are working on steemit. I reolied to him yes dear friend. He say to my to tell more about steemit. I say to him that steemit is a blockchain and best way to learning with earning. I also tell him that if you work on steemit you can easily afford your college fee. My friend say to me that he also want to work on steemit. I create his steemit account and motivate him to work on steemit. Now he is also working on steemit. He is my friend @hamidsaqi.



Now the time was passing quickly. It was evening now. Then i went in the mosque to say my Maqhrib prayer. After saying my maqhrib prayer i decide to go back home.

After that i came back towarda home. I went in the bazaar and take sweat for home. I go on a bakery and take some sweat for home.



After that when i reached at my home at night all the family members were waiting for me. I enter in the room and say all the family Assalam o Alaikum and take them sweats. All the family eat the sweat and thanks to me for this. I take bath and then eat my dinner. Then i go in my room to sleep.

Thank you for visiting my post.

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