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RE: Social Media and the addiction I Faced - What social media doing to our brains?

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN3 years ago

This is an awesome post @vvarishayy. I am 16 years old and I am not on any social media platform. I only join steemit few days ago.

 3 years ago 

Nice.. I'm 19 years old and I got my first phone at the age of 17. And at the age of 18 I was totally addicted to it but I reduced my use of social media (useless scrolling) gradually by trackers and deactivation.

Do make accounts and use social media to be aware of the world but don't exceed the limits of scrolling. Social media is good too if you choose the productive part of it instead of negative.

 3 years ago 

Yep. You're right.

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