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Assalam o Alaikum! I hope all of you are doing great and are healthy! Since, today is educational-based theme so, I will be telling you about three platforms from where you can learn many different and useful things regarding any field. They are namely, Coursera, Udemy, DigiSkills.

First of all, what are online learning platforms? They are like academics or training platforms from where you can learn any skill and after completing it, you are given a certificate which proves that you completed that particular skill or course. What's the use of that certificate? Well, it will be extremely useful for your CV, and when you are applying somehwere, you can show all your achieved certificates. Now, some courses offered by these platforms are free while some are paid, and some accept a financial application for a course and when it is accepted, you are enrolled in that course. So let me tell you a bit about these platforms.


Coursera offers paid courses, there is a variety of courses of different fields and they have different prices. They also offer specialization in some domain which is bundle of 5 or 6 courses. This platform also works with many popular universities and deliver their courses too! They also offer degrees and once you complete a course, you achieve a certificate which you can use in your CV and show what you have learned. Apart from this, coursera also provides an opportunity of applying for a course by submitting a financial application, you have to tell your conditions and why you are applying for that course. It takes a week or two before it is approved or rejected, and if accepted, you are successfully enrolled in the course.


Udemy is also a popular platform, the instructors here offer both paid and free courses. And it also allows you to teach a course and be an instructor too. There are different prices, and there are also discounts on courses too. You can add multiple courses in your cart and buy them together, and if you have a promo code or say a discount code, you can get it for free! You don't have any restrictions on the deadline, it's your choice when you want to start it and when you want to complete it. There are no deadlines but they still offer you a certificate when you complete it. While in coursera courses, there are exercises, assignments and quizzes which you must complete, or else you will not be awarded with a certificate in the end, and there is also a deadline for each course which is of a few months.

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Digiskills is the best platform if you want to learn freelancing skills and then start your own freelance work. But, you must be on the lookout when to enroll because they have limited seats and are based on first come first serve rule. After enrolling in your desired course, and after getting selected, then your batch starts after a few days. Another thing I would like to mention is that Freelancing course is must and mandatory to apply for, like if you want to enroll in Graphic Designing or Content Writing course, you have to select Freelancing course too in which they introduce you to freelancing, what it is and how you can start your work on different freelancing marketplaces. You have different exercises and quizzes and you must attend and gain good marks so that you are eligible for the certificate in the end.

So, these are the three platforms from where you can learn any skill! You can sign-up using Google or you can download the app from the Google Store. I hope this was useful and worth a read. Take care everyone and stay blessed!

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