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Assalam o Alaikum! I hope all of you are doing great and are healthy. May Allah keep all of you safe, happy, and blessed always. This post is going to be another one of my diary games and I would be sharing my day of 14th November with you all!

Since it was Sunday, I woke up late and it was around 12:00 PM when I was in my senses and ready to start my day! ^_^ I didn't do breakfast as I was not hungry and I just got fresh and after some time I went to go study. I had a lot of pending work to do and some of it included my university work and some of it included my courses and also my steemit progress. I had a lot of lectures for the courses so I decided to do those!
I had to complete these lectures and it is a fun course, I am learning new things about Adobe Illustrator and will soon start to design stuff.

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It was almost evening by the time I completed these, so I rested for a while, watched some YouTube, and ate my lunch. I had some Parathas with Kabab and cucumbers. It was even more delicious by adding yogurt.
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I enjoyed my lunch and after a while got back to do my work. Now, I had to complete my lectures for the Freelancing course and it is a mandatory course from DigiSkills, you can get enrolled in other courses also, but this one is mandatory if you are selecting any other course.
There were I guess 17-18 lectures and I completed them in an hour or so as they were of short durations.

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It was then Magrib time, and so I offered the prayer, and afterward, I decided to play some games on my computer. I asked my friends if they would come and play together, they agreed and I am always happier when my friends and I play together. ^_^ I played some games of Valorant with them and then for a little while I played Apex Legends, a Battle Royale game.


And finally, after enjoying for a while, I was tired and didn't even have the chance to eat dinner because I laid down for a bit and slept before I could even know it. So that was all for my day of 14th November. I hope you liked the post and it was worth a read. May all of you remain happy and successful in your lives. Stay blessed! ^_^

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Thanks to the community's admins and moderators for everything they do every day to make this community better and better:

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