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Assalam o Alaikum, I hope all of you are doing great and are healthy! I am back with another diary game and I would be telling and sharing with you my day of 10th November.


I woke up early in the morning and as always, I booked a Bykea ride. I didn't have breakfast as I was not hungry, anyways I arrived at university quite early and just sat for a while and enjoyed the chilled weather. It was Wednesday, and we had all the three labs today and it was better this way because we had to go two days for these three labs and now all of them are conducted on the same day. ^_^

The first lab we had was of DSA or Data Structures and Algorithms, and it was the first lab for this course and was just an introductory lab for us as we had to create some codes and we also got to know what we would in the upcoming labs. We had to do the first exercise that was the tasks of Lab # 01 and we implemented those tasks on Jupyter in Python Language.
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The second lab was of DLD, which is Digital Logic Design and it was a fun lab. It was the second one too and we used software to implement our logic circuits. Other than that, we also learned about Half-Adder and Full-Adders, and we implemented those too in the software.
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Yes it is a CRT Monitor ^_^

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Finally, there was a break of 1 hour. We sat down for a while and talked about random stuff and also about our group presentation for Bussiness Communication. I then went to pray in the mosque, after which I recited Quran and just rested for some time.

Not long after I came back from the mosque, I had to go to CEW Lab, which is Complex Engineering Workshop and we are learning Android Development in this using Java Programming Language. The teacher arrived late and my friend got me some fries which I ate in the lab. The lab started and our group had lost their minds, we were four and were laughing like idiots. We were messing with each other's software and computers, like turning monitors off or closing the software using ALT + F4. We couldn't stop laughing and goofing around and I was just saying that we would be out of the lab the next second! XD Anyways, we implemented some codes and got somewhat familiar with Java and it was a fun lab.
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Even after the lab, we were teasing each other and taking each other's stuff, and just having a great time. Then one by one we all went to our homes. I booked an InDriver ride, and it is a pretty cool application as it has a fixed fare and it lets you decide what the fare would be!

After I reached home, I was extremely tired. And after praying the prayers, I slept after some time and kept sleeping till the next day. Even though I had to do complete my work. ;;;(@_@)

That was all for this post, and I hope you had a good time reading through my day of 10th November. May Allah always keep all of you happy and blessed, take care of yourself, and happy steeming!

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