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Beautiful people!

Welcome to another day, another diary.

Today is Thursday and technically today is our last day without fasting. Next Monday when we will come to University, Ramzan will have already started. today I woke up around 6:30 a.m. in the morning I offer my fajr prayer and then I started getting ready for university actually I really don't want to go today because you were having three of our skeletal classes and extra two classes Which means I will stay till 4:30 at University But then I said these classes are important so I had to go to university. So I get myself ready and then my mother prepares breakfast for me. I did not eat my breakfast Because I did not want to eat anything because my mother made a glass of fresh juice for me and then I packed my bag. I waited for some time for the university bus to come when the bus arrived.

When I reached university the weather was really very good because in the morning the sun was not that much hot and the year is really cool blowing. I went directly to attend my first class Because it was late and I met my friend over there. She was already in the class. After we took constructive two classes you were really tired and then there was a 20 minutes break so we came out of the class. There was a bench in the bottom of the garden under a tree. My friend would sit there and sit for sometime to relax and the cool breeze. We went there and sat for some time until the Break was over.

After we took our third class power CR send a message in the group and said that there are no extra classes today it means that it was our last class and when we attended our last class me and my friend Decided to eat something and spend some time so we went to the cafeteria We took some cold drinks for ourselves and then we came back to the backstairs were we usually sit and eat but if there are people are there then we mostly eat at girls common room in the basement of our university.
When we finished eating we started walking towards the bus station. When I came to the bus station there were no buses and I waited for around 15 minutes at the station which was really annoying because till that time the sun was really hot and I was feeling really thirsty too.

When I reached home my mother had prepared this really creamy and cheesy pasta for us and they were all waiting for me for lunch. so I got fresh and then I drank some cold water and joined my family for lunch. The pasta was really yummy and I really enjoyed it. After eating pasta I went to sleep because I was really tired so I want to relax for sometime.

When I woke up I offer my prayer and then I did my assignment as I am a bit weak in Economics so I told my cousin to help me in this assignment so he first let me understand the assignment and then I did my assignment meanwhile when I was studying my mother told me that today tonight we are going to our uncle house for dinner because they have invited my brother and all of us for dinner today so I did my assignment because I knew that we will come back home late and that’s why I finished my assignment.

When I finished my assignment I changed my clothes and then I did my sister's makeup first and then I got myself ready and then we went to our uncle's house along with my brother, my mother and my sister.

My brother met my grandparents after 2 years. They were really very happy. They were talking for a really long time and we enjoyed the time. My aunt's preparing dinner for us so I went to the kitchen to help them but they were already done with all the dishes so they just started serving the dinner to us.

The dinner was really very tasty. Everything was well cooked and we enjoyed eating everything.
Actually from the day my brother came he told me that you are not going to eat more than one plate of rice so it is very hard for me to not eat rice and a real challenge for me to avoid them. So what I did was take my plate and sit behind my mother so that my brother won't be able to see me and I did my dinner peacefully in this way.

After we were done with our dinner we had desserts and then some fruits and then when it was getting late we came back to our home at around 11:30 p.m.

When we reached home I just offered my prayer, changed my clothes, and then I went to sleep.

That was all about my beautiful day today I hope you guys will enjoy reading my diary!

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Thank You So Much For Reading


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You have taken absolutely brilliant photography and very nice dairygame
Thanks dear for sharing your activities

Thank you so much!

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Oh man! I should have opened your diary after iftar lolzzz. .so many amazing food items lovely :)

Thank you for your time dear, Happy Ramadan ❤️

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