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Hello beautiful people!

Today all can be talking about a movie that was very new to me I mean I have been watching a movie for a long time and when this movie was released I was waiting for this one to watch because this movie is part of some other movies which was released a long time ago not long time ago but a few years ago and this is basically the continuation of those movies are you might have watched a movie called King Kong and then you might have watched a movie called Godzilla now a few combined both of them there you will find Godzilla versus King Kong this is the movie that I was very excited to watch because I was going to get both of the Great villains of all time or should I say the most powerful not villains kind of heroes and villains because they do destroy things and they are good by heart so ja I don't know what to call them let's talk about the movie.Source

Spoiler alert

If you have not watched The King Kong movie first go and watch that movie and if you have not watched the Godzilla movie please first go and watch that movie because in this review I am going to give you a huge boiler for those movies so make sure that you watch those movies first and then watch this review for the latest installment of that movie which is Godzilla versus King Kong.



As we all know from the Godzilla movie that does is creatures are coming from somewhere and no one knows their origin where they are coming from but they are huge and they have some superpowers which can destroy buildings in just a few seconds now from the last movie we knew that Godzilla is gone somewhere and not disturbing people just living his life so no one cares about what they do and King Kong is living a good life in the facility in the artificial facility I would say they have made a place for him which make him feel like he is living in a jungle.

The real adventure starts when Godzilla comes back from the ocean and starts attacking some factories and nuclear facilities no one knows why Godzilla is attacking all those facilities and that's why they are very very it because Godzilla is continuously attacking them and destroying buildings now to take him they decide that they can use King Kong because King Kong is the only creature which can defeat Godzilla they both are unequal in size and they come from the same place.

Now which one will win and will they find the origin of these creatures and will there be able to stop them from coming to the earth or not this is the whole story of this movie if you want to know the whole story please watch the movie because if I tell you more that will be a huge spoiler now let's write get into the good and bad aspects of the movie.

Brilliant storyline

The best thing that I really like about this movie is that it is connected with all of the Other movies like the previous King Kong movie and the previous Godzilla movie so it tells the story of them first and then it begins and tells us some new things about them which is a great thing I like the movies which are basically continued so this is basically the combination of two movies are there are bringing to use movies together which is awesome now we knew from the last Godzilla movie that Godzilla is actually on the humans side and King Kong is also so on the human side so what happened and why Godzilla is suddenly at taking all the humans and how can Godzilla change now there is are some other villains as well not the creatures there are some humans trying to to overpower the creatures to defeat them now you will find all these things in the movie but I just want to tell you that the story lion is quite changed and different and that I count is one of the good aspects of the movie.


Good graphics

Now we all know that there is nothing like Godzilla or any use creatures like King Kong so so, of course, it's something that you will have to generate from your computer make them by computer in order to look real because the whole movie is dependent on them the whole movies about them so you will have to work really hard to make them realistic and I would say that this movie does the job because there are huge buildings and there are huge creatures among them there are people and from nowhere it seems like it's fake So yes I will count this point is one of the best points of the movie which makes this movie watchable and you can enjoy it because it movie has a great graphics.



We know the characteristic of this movie because we have watched the Godzilla and the King Kong movie previously and we know that there will be a lot of destruction things will be destroyed and I would say everything so so they have done the same thing in this movie as well there are things which are being destroyed by Godzilla and King Kong and by the humans as well because they are fighter planes hanging around here and there and firing missiles and everything so yeah I would say that this movie has a lot of action and it is been justified because there are huge creature from around the cities so I will count the action part is one of the best thing in this movie.

The negative things about this movie

There are some things which are a little not logical because I mean you enough that happens like let me give you an example so there are a few kids and that gets inside a very secure nuclear facility which is quite impossible because they are doing some things over there and some kids randomly gets inside the factory which was a little bit of disappointing for me because they did no Hustle or anything they just went inside and nobody was there to stop them that is one example there are a few other negative things as well but yeah if you really want to watch the movie you can ignore those facts and there is nothing else to talk about negative in the movie.

I will give this movie my rating of 7 out of 10

You can watch this movie with your family with your friends is a complete family enjoyment I highly recommend it to you so please watch it and give me your opinions as well thank you so much for reading this post.

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Thank You So Much For Reading


 2 years ago 

Well you have gave a great review of this movie although I haven't watch this movie but maybe I'll watch soon.

 2 years ago 

Excellent review of the movie I never see that movie but after your beautiful review definitely watch after Ramzan 😍😍

 2 years ago 

This is ful of action and thriller movie. I really enjoyed it's amazing scene couple of time ago when I watched too. Hopefully you will be also enjoyed too 😉

 2 years ago (edited)

You have reviewed the movie very well, but to be honest, comparatively I don't like movie as much as Kong-Skull and Separate all parts of Godzilla was. The story was a bit better, but in the movie things are shown over. As Kong and Godzilla were fighting in the ocean, I did not understand anything at that time that what is going on. I was confused.

 2 years ago 

Perfect review! Seriously i never see these type of movies but your review with beautiful words is influencing me to watch it as early as possible 😃

 2 years ago 

Not a fan of English movies but this movie seem good, will watch it :)

 2 years ago 

Very well explained the review of the movie. I don't like to watch movies. But you explained well

 2 years ago 

Beutiful , you have depicted this movie in beutiful words. And obviously when we see something , we have sense to judge both positive and negetive elementas. At last , your review is in best way. Keep it up !

 2 years ago 

Wow are you a professional story teller? Cause you presented and explained very well , best review i read. It was a great movie i must say and i remember how in the past i was waiting for it to be relased so i can go and watch in the cinema :D

 2 years ago 

For the first time i watched and read review of thrill and action movie. Anyhow personally i love to watch comedy movie, but your choice about movie is quite unique, keep sharing such a impressive review

Thank you so much dear your appreciation means a lot to be dear.

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