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Assalam O Alaikum! to all my friends,

I hope every one is doing just great in the holy month of Ramdan any may ALLAH bless us with his blessing always Ameen.

Well you all will be wondering that I am writing about Eid-ul-Adha in my title and in the post I am talking about Ramzan lolz. .This was the exact same situation when my husband said "We are expecting guests over for Eid-ul-Adha" and I kept on asking him who they are and even made thousands of guesses but how could I wonder that they were not humans but Goats!!

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My husband went a little far this time when everyone is preparing for Eid-ul-Fitr he planned the next level. I would say mashALLAH but this will be a totally new experience as we have never cared for goats for so long before. There are a total of 4 (four) goats till now with one very cute sheep in them.


They are kept outside the house in the small lawn (which used to be there but, no more) being fed and cared on time. Plus they are a big attraction for the kids of the society as after iftar they come and feed, play and look after them too. I being a little scared so took a picture from not a correct angle.
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My son liked the sheep in all of them and have even named it "Fluffy" as he is covered in so much of wool as can be seen in the picture too.


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Soon a new addition is expected as my husband just told me in the morning that a goat is coming all the way from Rawalpindi in a train :D and he will be going to train station to pick it up. It sounded so funny to me that wow! we sure are welcoming the guests and from different cities now. He is the guest to be arrived soon as in the picture.

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On the whole just thought to share new happening in my life and I am happy that my son is going to enjoy playing and taking care of all the guests for a good amount of time before joining his school (inshaALLAH). I think we should all keep pets in home and take care of them (if one can) but in my case I pray to ALLAH that may he accept our good deeds not only for the holy monthe of Ramzan but also for Eid-ul-Azha.

That's all for today hope you all liked the diary and will remember me and my family in your prayers always. The link for my 1st achievement post is as follows:

Achivement Post 1


Hira Umair

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Hahaha I was thinking same that its Ramadan going on and you are talking about EID-UL-ADHA 😃 maybe written by mistake. But nice reading your post, after reading I got the point of your EID-UL-ADHA 😃

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