Community (Plag + Spam) Report Rewarding ! [3 Steem For every Report with Proper Proofs]

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I have seen that our community is growing and many of the users are either involve in spamming or trying to abuse the community , As we use @steemit-pak to Curate all the posts posted over Steemit Pakistan Community the proper Check And Balance is Mandatory

However i would like to say Thanks to All my Moderators and Active users Who are doing work for the betterment of this Community Day and Night !

Idea and Offer to All Active Users:

I have an offer for you all try finding out spammers inside Steemit Pakistan with proofs and make a post of atleast
3-4 authors

Reward :

I will reward that report and author with 3 steem + steemit-pak's full upvote

Rules :

  • Free for every Member with Reputation above 50
  • Report must be published on Steemit Pakistan
  • The member must be an Active User of Steemit Pakistan Community
  • Open to All Steemitians (Anyone Can find Spammers in this Community)
  • Report Maker must Use tag #sp-abuse-report
  • Proofs are Mandatory (Obviously)

Additional Benefits :

As we all want to see Steemit free of Plagiarism so that people won't steal the Rights and Rewards of the Real Authors

We will also include that report in Steemit Pak's post so you get chance of upvote from @steemcurator01 aswell.


Mentioned @steemcurator01 so that the steemit team could acknowledge and if they agree with this idea


You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

We Don't Need your Upvotes !

Don't Spam !

What about people that have not been active members of the community

 3 years ago 


This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest Listing

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 10th July 2021 – Win 2150+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

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I have no account on instagram.

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