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Assalam u Alaikum,
Hello my steemit fellows and beautiful peoples. I am good and doing great in my life. Hopefully you all are good in your respected life and enjoying the positive vibes of every moment.


I am going to share my day with all of you which was a quite tired day for me. As The Holy Month Ramadan is about it's end and along with me every Muslim is sad because Ramadan's departure is near and also excited for the reward which will be given by Almighty Allah in the form of Eid-ul-Fitr, For the celebration of this day every Muslim buy new dresses and other wearing stuff like Shoes Perfumes etc ......

On Tuesday, I woke up at 3:30 AM by mean of Alarm then washed my face, brushed my teeth and ablute myself because I had to go Mosque to deliver Sehri to my younger brother who is performing Aitekaf, Mama cooked Chicken Karahi for Sehri unfortunately i couldn't click the snap of dish, After that i ate my Sehri meal along with my family and finished it before prayer Fajar call then, As the prayer Fajar called off I rushed toward the Mosque which is hardly 2 minutes away from my house, After performing the Prayer on the way back my friend @drfurqan asked me to go on shopping with him as the Eid is near and he had not bought anything, After receiving permission from my mother I along with @drfurqan went to shopping.

We left the home at exactly 6:00 AM and our first priority was Lucky One Mall but unfortunately opening timing was 8:00 AM.

images (25).jpeg


Then we decided to go Chase Value Center which was only 5 minutes away from Lucky One Mall, There was a very big queue at the main entrance gate. Due to last day of shopping people were moving around shopping malls to buy new stuffs. After entrance first i bought some pants and other hosiery products and done my basic shopping from there.


images (26).jpeg

At 9:30 AM we rushed towards Lucky One Mall and waste our 2 hours due to Non availability of size of suits, And at 11:45 AM we decided to visit Millennium Mall from where i bought my Eid Kurta after searching for 2 hours. As the prayer Zohar called off we were on the way back to home and decided to perform namaz at next coming mosque.

images (27).jpeg

Finally after spending more then 8 hours in the shopping malls I came back to home and took a bath because that was really a hot day and took a nap for about 1.5 hour then perform Asar Prayer and fall asleep as i was feeling really tired that day and woke up just before Iftar time and had my Iftar meal and rushed towards mosque to perform Maghrib Prayer .

Then one of my friend invited me for dinner party where he ordered me such a delicious pizza which was filled of cheese and different sauces then he offered me a Limca Drink which was really good in taste. Here is the snap of the mouthwatering pizza and Limca.



After having such a delicious dinner I forgot all the tiredness of shopping and went back to home at 11:30 PM and took a deep soothing sleep till Sehri ...........!!

If you want to know more about me here is the Introduction



Thanks for reading my diary hope you like it. It's a pleasure to have such an adorable community like this ♥️.
Yours, @harry7k

A proud member of STEEMIT PAKISTAN community ❤️
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 3 months ago 

What a busy day have you spent. I ramzan it's quite difficult to go for shopping. I did 2 times in ramzan. It's good that you finally get your size. It's always happen when we left shopping for end.

Exactly it is due to my laziness but Thank God finally i bought everything.

 3 months ago 

Seriously 8 hours :/ They are too much and when you are having a fast.

You would have checked on the internet the timings of lucky one mall :p Oh! it was a very very long line outside chase my sister also went there but she made a wise decision and came back.

Millennium is also not small :p I am shocked you did so much travel in Roza :p And finally, after 8 hours the KURTA HUNT comes to an end.
Next time take some time and do it before the last days :p

Haha @aniqamashkoor your knowledge really inspired me and may be there is a lesson for me to do my work before it get too late. Thanks for your guidelines ♥️.

 3 months ago 

It looks ,you spend a very busy day. During fasting its little bit difficult to go for shopping but it is necessary too.
All is well when end is well, at the end you had pizza party with friends and that pizza looks so yummmy,. Keep enjoying 😀

Thanks Friend

 3 months ago 

You will be very tired from shopping for more than eight hours straight. I will never be doing this specially in the month of Ramadan because it's very difficult to do shopping 8 hours straight in the state of fast.
Btw the pizza looks amazing let me know the name of the pizza parlour from where you ordered this.

Haha friend come over tonight I am inviting you for a pizza party .

@harry7k 8 hours at the mall. 8 Hours...

I never have heard someone going for shopping at 6 AM ( A big surprise for me)
No doubt really exhausting day it was.

Haha yes friend almost 8 hours because we couldn't find all the things in same shopping mall 😶

 3 months ago 

I agreed total shopping in one day from different places takes more time.

@suboohi Yups girls better know

 3 months ago 


Hello @harry7k
Hope that you are doing.I have go through your post and I admit that it is full of events and you have spent a hard day from Sehri to Aftari. I only assume that how much it is difficult to get off from your home in this scorching and burning day because I can't do this.
However you have had a good dinner with your friend.

Yeah the day was really hot and thanks bro ♥️

Really it’s a hard day for you but in the end you have find.

It is rightly said that Eid is a reward of Ramzan. And we should enjoy Eid as it is part of our religion. And it is always very hard to do shopping in last days of Ramzan as everyone is waiting to do shopping in the end. Btw pizza is looking delicious

Haha thanks

looks like you spent a very hectic day and really 8 hours shopping must be very tiring for you btw the pizza looks amazing

Yeah I was hella tired, Thanks ♥️

 3 months ago 

You had such a busy dayy