Betterlife with steem |11-09-2021| the diarygame visit to college by @farooqmanzoor "" set 20% benefiary to @steemit-pak""

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Asslam o alkam friends !

I hope you all fine and enjoying the good health with the grace of Almighty Allah. Allah is the most merciful and kind to us. Allah never keep anyone rewards but gave on the right time.

Today i gote up early in the morning and done my fajar prayer in the town masjid with jamat . Then i came back to my home and wear my track suit for morning walk. In walk i would take running. Due to tha morning walk my whole day spend in fresh mood.

After that i ate my break fast. Then today's our plan was to visit dps school and college for some work. So at round about 9 p.m we started our bikes towards the sahiwal.


Today the weather was soo good. It was cloudy weather we enjoyed our journey very much .we reached at college after 3 hours .
For our good luck it is starting raining. We enjoyed the rain very much .
In this picture you are seeing a overview and front side of the college this is very beautiful and attractive. A beautiful lawn at its front gave the attractive view.


In this picture you are seeing a footpath along the the beautiful park . This was so beautiful. We mostly sit in this park in the break time.


In thia picture you are seeing a view of another side of the college. This view is from right side of the college . That's was also soo good and beautiful.


In this picture you are seeing a another Grassy lawn. The beautiful tress around it add more beauty of the lawn.







After the rain every part of the college gave a beautiful and attractive view . We visit the every corner of the college. When the rain stopped the standing water gave a good view and looking very beautiful.
We met with clerk and doo our work. Then we decided to gone back to home. When we started our bike we say that the weather ia again changing it look like as more rain start .

So we came back to our houses. This was my visit to college . This journey was a
Very remarkable due to the cold breeze we enjoyed the whole journey very much.

Thia was my visit and my photography on the college and i hope you all like my diarygame.





 2 years ago 

Hello Dear,

I was about to select your post in best picks of the day but I just checked that you lie.

You mentioned in your title that "set 20% beneficiary to steemit-pak" but actually you didn't do it.

So I'm Sorry.
Just Try to set @steemit-pak as 20% beneficiary in your posts to get better Support

 2 years ago 

Sorry dear @salmanwains i am also relaize later that i am not set 20% beneficiary in my post.
I am confused because in my last post i set 20% beneficiary to @steemit-pak i think we set at once beneficiary then it atomatically set for the next posts.
Now i came to know that there is a necessary to set beneficiary to every post .
In shaa Allah i will take care next time.

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