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RE: Betterlife with steem |11-09-2021| the diarygame visit to college by @farooqmanzoor "" set 20% benefiary to @steemit-pak""


Hello Dear,

I was about to select your post in best picks of the day but I just checked that you lie.

You mentioned in your title that "set 20% beneficiary to steemit-pak" but actually you didn't do it.

So I'm Sorry.
Just Try to set @steemit-pak as 20% beneficiary in your posts to get better Support

 last year 

Sorry dear @salmanwains i am also relaize later that i am not set 20% beneficiary in my post.
I am confused because in my last post i set 20% beneficiary to @steemit-pak i think we set at once beneficiary then it atomatically set for the next posts.
Now i came to know that there is a necessary to set beneficiary to every post .
In shaa Allah i will take care next time.

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