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Assalam o Alaikum (Hello) to everyone. Hoping for happiness for everyone here. I was overwhelmed and excited to know the interesting topic for this week's challenge @Steemit-pak has brought for us. These are the real issues as well as that writers like me like to write about. So, I had to take my part in it and Today I will be writing about the three topics I picked to participate in Steemit Engagement Challenge week 3. The topics are:

  1. A woman's place is in the Kitchen

  2. Punishment never has a good Effect:

  3. Votes are not Guaranteed - Sc01

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A woman’s place is in the Kitchen:

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Certainly, it is true that women's place is in the kitchen because mothers stay in the kitchen and make food for the children, other family members, and sometimes the guests in the house. 

By this saying, I would never argue with the point that only women shall cook or do the rest of the work as men shall also do the required or at least help their mothers, sisters, and wives to their best but women have the supreme responsibility of the Kitchen and its other chores. 

Let’s explain this in a simple and logical way. A house has different parts such as departments in a corporate company, and the parts of the house shall work together to achieve their aim. The first aim is to provide food to the family, for which mostly the men go out of the house and do their duties or business to earn some money to buy food items. And when they bring food items, the women in the house get the responsibility to cook them and make them eatable for their family members. The cooking takes place in the kitchen and that is why the saying stays fit “A woman's place is in the Kitchen”.

So on, the main reason for the kitchen to be entitled to women is that most of the women are housewives and they do their duty at home such as their men go out for duties at offices. I agree that nowadays, the ratio of female workers also increased and they have got into some very respectable professions such are doctors, nurses, accountants, etc. But When they return from the office, they cook something for their husband and children because the upbringing is in such a manner that most of the men do not know how to cook so, again women have to take the task. 

This saying may also be irrelevant to some cultures and societies but a huge part of the world follows this. And when the guest arrives at the house the kitchen is the busiest place in the house. And mostly the responsibility is all of the women in the house. Because mostly, as in the Asian society we offer our guests more than one dish, therefore, the preparation and cooking take time, and that all belongs to the women of the house. 

At last, I will say that women shall be respected and helped in the kitchen by men so that she does not feel that their work in the kitchen will lower their self-esteem and self-respect. If both gender respect and help each other then we will be having a very happy society overall.


2. Punishment never has a good Effect:

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Punishment is an imposition of a penalty, beating, or having to make corrections to something that is done wrong. Basically, the punishment is a response to the offense or breaking of any law or discipline priorly set.

The punishments are in so many ways and various actions done. If someone is punished for being late in school or class, that is unacceptable because he/she shall be warned and shall be aware of the outcomes he/she may face due to missing any important lectures. When it comes to beating any student then this is the worst-case to imagine. I have seen a case in my own school, a teacher beat the students so badly that the students had bruises for days.

Only In one way, I would be a little flexible to accept the punishment and that would be when the criminal laws are broken and someone is hurt for no reason by such antagonists who have done it for their benefit. And when those people are arrested by the state representatives then the punishment shall be done in such a way that they became examples for others and so the criminal activities are prohibited and prevented.

And as mentioned in so many laws, civil offenses are mostly settled within monetary terms and there has no such punishment which can be associated with beating or thrashing. 

In short, I would suggest that Wherever possible if the offense is not big or there is a possibility of an alternate dispute resolution then the punishment shall be avoided and the parties should be made aware of the consequences if they do it again. And in Families, schools, or institutions the punishment shall be replaced with more and more studies and productive work so that the children and students do not tend to do the negligence again.

“No to physical punishment” is another topic I would suggest for any future challenges.


3. Votes are not Guaranteed - Sc01:

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Steemit is a platform where I have been working now for years and I found it interesting in so many ways but one of them is the rewards that we get for our content and the contribution to the platform. But for reward, the content shall be qualitative as well as quantitively above the limit as now there is so much competition around the platform and so many good writers and content producers are there. And that is why it is a bit difficult to get votes from the curators these days but it is not an impossible thing and they will surely appreciate your content if it is up to the level. What I was saying is that Votes are not Guaranteed by the Curators Especially the curator Sc01. I have been so blessed and lucky that I got a few votes from the curators as an appreciation from the curators and especially from Sc01 for which I am really thankful. As an appreciated writer here on steemit, I would like to share some of the tips to get votes and appreciation from the curators which are listed below;

  1. Excellent quality content

  2. Content shall be your own

  3. The content shall not be plagiarised

  4. The photographs or any information taken from other sources shall be referenced to the original author or content provider

  5. The presentation of the content shall be good

  6. Content shall be posted in their right communities and if for any special contest then that shall be mentioned in the title

  7. Right tags shall be used for each content

  8. Last but not the least there shall be some part of the reward donated to charities such as @Pak-charity

But if still, one does not get any vote from the curators, then do not lose hope as there are still booming rewards and other winning rewards available for the winners of the contests and posted under various tags.



I conclude my Challenge participation here on this note that These are all my own opinions and anyone can disagree with any of the words. I will respect the responses if anyone disagrees with me on any point. And I would appreciate it, if there are any suggestions or corrections here in this post! Thank you in advance!

I invite @ yrmaleza and @ vivigibelis  to take part in this contest.

This is all for this challenge and I hope I would have done well enough to be appreciated.


Thank you so much for reading till the last.

Best wishes to everyone!



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Nice post, I like the part where you suggest that punishment for children should be replaced with more studies and productive work.

Punishment just inflicts pain and sometimes even bruises too. Dialogue is better

Thanks for sharing

 2 years ago 

In fact the outcome of punishment is not always positive therefore it's better to go with alternativesfrom the beginning.

Thank you for your appreciation

 2 years ago 

You've indeed mentioned quite valuable points but talking about 'most of the men do not know how to cook' is debatable for sure.
This is not something we should normalise. This is not something we should be proud of. Its actually ones lacking I think, not being able to prepare basic meal for you.
Atleast men should know basis cooking skills, to feed their own self without depending upon females.
Regarding punishment, I 100% agree with you. Any matter can be solved with converstaion and love but punishment is not always necessary.
And at last, I would like to thank you for mentioning such helpful points reagarding voting and posting. I really appreciate your content.
Wishing you best of luck for the contest!

 2 years ago 

I agree with that we men should know the basics at least, and personally I do know and can cook basic meals for myself or anyone with me but we should accept that in our asian societies, the practice of men cooking is not so much appreciated. As from the childhood mothers will cook and sisters do the helpfull but brothers don't go kitchen to help, so it's the upbringing that matters.

Thank you for your time and kind words and pointing out a very good point of the men shall know the basic cooking.

 2 years ago 

Yes you are absolutely right about the upbringing part. And I appreciate you for breaking the stereotype and knowing basic cooking skills :)

 2 years ago 

These basics are essential as we can stay alone anywhere and these are helpful for ourselves. So, no matter we are men or women we should know the basics of life.

First of all I would like to say that your post is quite impressive for me because I had no idea how to answer those questions and your answer are quite convincing

You have talked about all the issues and I believe that you have a good knowledge about all of those topics are very good and knowledgeable post

 2 years ago 

Thank you for the appreciation, it means a lot!

 2 years ago 

Thank you for taking part in the challenge. You have defended all three statements with valid points.

Don't forget to interact with other contest participants by commenting and upvoting their posts.

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 2 years ago 

Thank you so much for the review!

Yes, I will definitely appreciate other participants as well.

 2 years ago 

Women are considered best managers. Kitchen is sensitive and requires alot of attention, therefore, women can best manage the kitchen. Moreover, punishment make humans cruel and rebel, thus punishment must be avoided.

 2 years ago 

Yes, women do manage things great but men are also the same and should not keep themselves aside while taking responsibilities.

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